Get more cashback through the Ebates Mobile app

Shopping Portals can often add outsized value, however the dynamic seems to be changing a bit. Ebates, by my view seems to be leading the pack, and here is why:
Ebates is doing one-day mobile exclusive where they are in some cases doubling the cash back when using their mobile app.
This is not the first time we’ve seen better payouts to use the app verses the web portal. In fact, Ebates did this on smaller scale, with American Express gift cards back in July.
In the outside chance that you don’t yet have an Ebates account – you can find a link where we both benefit on the Support Tagging Miles page.


As often happens, once you get a good tool like cashbackmonitor, its easy to become complacent, but it seems pretty evident that we’ll now need to be checking mobile apps for the best cashback in addition to cashbackmonitor.

3 thoughts on “Get more cashback through the Ebates Mobile app

  1. Has the Ebates App tracked well? I am used to buying stuff online. Not really experienced with a cashback mobile app. Any advice? Thanks!

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