eBay 5x via Aeroplan eStore and Targeted eBay Bucks 5x!

Aeroplan Mall
Update: It’s not clear whether routing through Ebay.ca will earn 5x eBay Bucks. (see David’s comment)
Earlier, Robert Dwyer, tweeted that eBay was 5x on Aeroplan’s Shopping Portal.
I’ve written many times about the Power of Shopping Portals so, this got me to thinking. I don’t really talk a lot about Aeroplan, in fact, at the moment, I have no Aeroplan miles even! Aeroplan is the frequent flyer program of Air Canada. Unfortunately, so far as I can tell, Aeroplan’s eStore is not covered by Cashback Monitor, nor evRewards, so they won’t logically come up in a search, unless you specifically go to Aeroplan’s eStore.

Unfortunately, Aeroplan recently announced a devaluation of their award chart going into effect 15 December), but the fact remains, at 5x, it might still be interesting. At 10-15x, as Robert states for those members with Distinction status, it becomes even more interesting.

Of course, it becomes even more interesting if you got a targeted “earn 5x eBay Bucks for 2 days” promotion. Alas, I digress.

eBay Bucks 5x Oct 21

But does it make sense to earn Aeroplan miles?

Now, I am not an expert on Aeroplan, but from some research this morning, I came to some observations that I think are meaningful to answer the above question. Below is a snip from a .pdf that displays Aeroplan’s changes (the devaluation, again hits 15 December), but I would highlight that there are some awards that are still reasonable values for partner carriers, when comparing Aeroplan to United, for example.

Aeroplan, before, and after 15 December 2015.

Aeroplan, before, and after 15 December 2015.

Of course, the award values are all for round trip flights, so divide that by half, and you’ll get the one way award redemption rate.

So, lets follow that thread a little further, and look at United’s MileagePlus Star Alliance/Partner Award Chart (because its always fun to fly on someone else’s plane).

UA Star Alliance Award Chart

As you can see, flying business class on a Star Alliance Partner (aka not United Metal), requires significantly fewer miles on Air Canada, than it does on United.

One Caveat: Aeroplan charges fuel surcharges on some carriers (I think Lufthansa), but there are some that don’t charge as much, like LOT Polish Airways, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Swiss, and Turkish.

What if you like Aeroplan but don’t resell (aka eBay 5x/10x isn’t relevant)?

Well, you are in luck, because American Express Membership Rewards is a transfer partner.

AMEX MR to Aeroplan


For me, Robert’s tweet this morning was refreshing, because it forced me to look outside of my normal go-to sources. I wanted to first re-familiarize myself with Aeroplan’s award chart to see how much I’d need to spend for the miles to really be meaningful.

Of course, knowing that Aeroplan’s eStore isn’t tracked by either of the two tools I normally use to track shopping portals, will give me pause when I don’t see a particularly engaging Shopping Portal multiplier. This is now two outliers that I’m aware of, as Ebates has done a few promotions where they offer as much as double the cashback when using the Ebates Mobile App.


Will you go through the Aeroplan mall to get 5x for eBay purchases?
(H/T: @RobertDwyer )

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    • @David – I haven’t jumped in myself yet – so I’ll have to take your word for it. That is most unfortunate though.

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