Electronics Ban, 2.5% Cashback is the new floor, Farewell to Virgin America

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Travel and The Electronics Ban:

  • The biggest news is the electronics ban (my link), which has the US and UK banning large electronics from the cabin for flights departing from a variety of Middle East and North African airports. Airlines are already hurting, and trying to alleviate the inconvenience, like Emirates who will allow passengers to keep their electronics right up until boarding.
  • Richard Branson’s farewell to Virgin America, after Alaska announced it will kill the Virgin America brand, is a great, if nostalgic read. I have to say, there have been some airlines that really have character, and Virgin America is one of them. There aren’t that many left. And if you want a parody from another era, here is singleflyer’s offering
  • Dia succeeded in getting her jump to Marriott Rewards Platinum, which gets her United Silver and a bunch of other benefits. Have you jumped on this yet? If you have SPG or Marriott Gold, its a phone call, and 9 stays in 3 months. I’m 2 stays in myself.

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5 thoughts on “Electronics Ban, 2.5% Cashback is the new floor, Farewell to Virgin America

  1. You said, “Airlines are already hurting”. Seriously?? Didn’t you see their profit numbers the last few years?

    • @Scott – I’ve heard from friends who’s companies are cancelling every ticket that they had booked. Trust me, my friend, the Middle Eastern airlines are going to be hurting badly from this.

    • Scotty, YTD most Airline stocks are under water performance wise. And that is with falling oil prices since start of the year.

  2. I wish 2.5% was the new floor. Tempt fate by Msing USAA and Alliant cards. Shocked if you cross 30k before shut down

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