My Top 4 Funny Amazon Reviews

I happened to see a random Haribo commercial last night, and it brought to mind some random Amazon reviews that cracked me up. First, check out that Haribo commercial:

I’m not saying the commercial is fantastic, but, rather, that it reminded me of this review:

Funny Amazon Commercials

If that was enough to whet your appetite, check out more reviews of the product.

More Funny Amazon Reviews

There are a handful of truly hilarious Amazon Reviews. I have to give Saianel credit for finding this one:

Funny Amazon Reviews

As if this one wasn’t enough, the risk averse in me couldn’t help but get a kick out of the Backyard Carnival of Death:

Funny Amazon Reviews

but, its not done just yet, read more!

Funny Amazon Reviews

In case this is right up your alley, at last check, there were only 3 left, and nearly 2,800 reviews. See for yourself!

The Swiss Army Knife that trumps all knives

Next up is the pocket knife to end all pocket knives, the Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant:

Funny Amazon Reviews

The answer to all of your Banana Needs!

If previous funny Amazon Reviews were inadequate for you, perhaps this one will do. The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer seems like the perfect Private Label item. If only Amazon hadn’t claimed all the credit for this private label and gotten amazing reviews for this Banana Slicer got (5,649 as of this writing!):

Funny Amazon Reviews

So, lets hope that the Banana Slicer is not needed in order to save your marriage, but, in case it is (or you have some other use for a Banana Slicer), please use TravelBloggerBuzz’ Amazon link (since I lost mine)

Wrapping Up – Funny Amazon Reviews

Hopefully this brief review of funny Amazon reviews gave you a bit of a laugh! That said, from the reselling angle, we have contemplated trying to find a good price on some of the above products… if anyone is looking for the 55 gallon drum of lubricant, well, I can tell you, it does not work well as a checked bag….. but it provides more than sufficient entertainment as the baggage handlers attempt to get it into the baggage hold via the conveyor belt… and the real fun, well, that’s when it comes out in the baggage claim. But perhaps that’s a story for another time!

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