Skyview Lounge – Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Singapore Changi Airport is perhaps my favorite airport in the world. I suspect it is many people’s favorite airport, as it is consistently awarded top honors. We arrived to the airport close to 4:45am, in advance of our 6:45am flight to Hong Kong.

Check-in and immigration are quite efficient at Changi, and soon enough, we were walking on the concourse.It was quiet at just shy of 5am, with few of the many stores open, and fewer passengers walking about. As we typically do, we scoped out our gate, which this morning was D32. Our aircraft hadn’t yet arrived, however there was a Cathay Pacific A330 sitting at D34.

After a few minutes, we decided it made sense to visit the lounge, if only to scope it out and tap into some free wifi.

The Skyview lounge is an escalator or elevator ride up one level, and was open air, in so much as you could hear the terminal below.

The lounge is shared with many airlines, including, surprisingly enough, Delta Airlines. I had completely forgotten that Delta flew a 767 from their Narita “Hub” to Singapore.

The lounge had a good view of the tarmac, including our gates, so we saw when our Cathay Pacific A330 arrived. As far as amenities, wifi was consistent, which is the biggest thing, in my opinion for an airport lounge. There were a handful of snacks left out, and a refrigerator with juice, soda, and some Tiger Beer, along with a few bottles of liquor, a coffee machine, and a selection of cups of noodles.

We only spent about 20 minutes in the lounge, opting rather to walk the terminal. Of course, when we did leave, the terminal was significantly busier, veritable gaggles of folks wandering the terminal as 6am came upon us. Soon enough we approached gate D32 to navigate security at the gate (as is the case at Singapore’s Changi airport).

2 thoughts on “Skyview Lounge – Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

    • @Jack – I completely agree. It was a good place to grab some free wifi. The biggest credit that I give the lounge though is the view, I’ve been in other SQ lounges with absolutely no view of the tarmac. Then, there is the Emirates lounge, which has wonderful views of the tarmac and runway.

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