Counting Down – 68 Days to ResellingDO for Beginners!

Update: ResellingDO for Beginners has been cancelled.

Its 68 days to ResellingDO for Beginners – have you signed up yet? We’re going to have a fantastic line-up of speakers with tested backgrounds. We’re going to have plenty of time for networking, oh, and we’ll have beer, and wine! and soft drinks, too!

ResellingDO for Beginners

This will be the first ResellingDO focused primarily on beginners. But what do we mean by this? Well, for starters, we’re going to give you easy to understand tips for Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage and Merch by Amazon. We’ve even got a speaker who will talk Ebay, which is a great “back-up” option as you’re cutting your teeth on Amazon. This event will provide you the tools being successful in your Amazon business. It will provide you information on how you can create and build a side-gig Amazon business, as my wife and I have. 

Not just for Beginners

The beauty of any of these events, is that even though these presentations are geared towards beginners, there is plenty of time to network. In every ResellingDO we’ve held, there has been a mix of beginners, intermediate, “weekend warriors” (such as my wife and I), and full time resellers. Bottom line, reselling is a pretty expansive business, whether it’s your primary focus or your side gig, and because it is so expansive, people just love to network! There will be a good handful of people who have already cut their teeth on reselling, and are attending to network–and perhaps, enjoy some good beer.

#ResellingDO For Beginners – The Details:

  • When: Saturday, September 15th, 2018
  • What: A full day of networking, presentations on credit cards, Merch by Amazon, Online and Retail Arbitrage
  • Where: Jailbreak Brewery, Laurel, MD
  • Tickets: Buy your ResellingDO Tickets here

Will you be at ResellingDO? 


7 thoughts on “Counting Down – 68 Days to ResellingDO for Beginners!

  1. I would was planning to attend, but I missed the registration. I am hoping to still come. Please let me know if I can still register.

  2. I am going, however I just got an email saying my ticket has been refunded. Does anyone know why I would get a refund on this?

    • @Lucas – I sent you an e-mail as well, but, unfortunately you were one of a few that had committed to the event. Check your e-mail for the best details though. Sorry to disappoint.

  3. I REALLY want to attend this event….
    IF anyone has a ticket and wants to sell it because they cant attend.. Please let me know

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