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The Weekly News Roundup is a collection of headlines from around the internet that caught the attention of the Tagging Miles team. Content on these blogs do not necessarily reflect the positions of Tagging Miles, and should not be considered endorsements. Have a great story we should read? Contact us now and let us know!


Miles and Points:


  • Miles per Day shares how a reader got his Staples rewards account shutdown. Clearly people maximize coupons much more than I do, because while I have known about buying coupons on Ebay, I have not once actually thought about doing it…. and after reading this, that thought is even farther from my mind.
  • From InventoryLab’s changelog:

    Whoever keeps ripping a hole in the Space-Time Continuum better knock it off! We had folks with 6-day long weeks showing in their weekly Profit & Loss Reports! Thankfully, our Developers were able to stitch this new one up, but we’ve had it up to our eyeballs with these shenanigans! A tiny rip today is a Worm Hole tomorrow, and then what are you gonna do?! It’s all fun and games until you cause infinite quantum uncertainty.


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