Short Fuse: American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade Giveaway

You could be here!

You could be here!

I think everyone who reads Tagging Miles knows that I enjoy flying in the pointy end of the plane. So each year about this time, I have tried to hold a giveaway to get someone else into the pointy end of the plane, or at least mid-way forward. To that end, I have an American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade to giveaway, but you have to have a flight on American metal to use it on before 29 February (Leap Day)!

Last time I did this, I asked readers to share their itinerary in the comments, and realize that may be a bit off-putting for folks to put that information out there publicly. So to change things up, share your favorite travel experience in the comments. One entry per person, and I’ll use to select a winner.

I’ll randomly select a winner after 7pm on Wednesday 17 February.

Good Luck and thanks for reading!

30 thoughts on “Short Fuse: American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade Giveaway

  1. Its all about the destination but making the journey relaxing is always a bonus. My favorite experiences have been on trips to Hawaii from volcanos to rainforests

  2. My favorite travel experience so far was a our family trip to Vancouver. It is a beautiful city. We were swimming at the beach one day skiing the next.

  3. Visiting Italy and planning far enough in advance to take the Scavi Tour. Hitting up Tuscany and eating lunch in the home of a local winemaker was a close second.

  4. My wife’s and mine honeymoon in Venice. Use points to pay for the flight and then booked a 7 night cruise. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for the giveaway too – fingers crossed I win.

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