Thank you for 3 Years of Tagging Miles!

Three years ago today, Matt gave Joe Cortez and I an amazing opportunity to start Tagging Miles. Joe’s since went on to do bigger and better things with FlyerTalk, but he’ll always be part of the Tagging Miles family. So today, I thank you, our awesome readers, for 3 awesome years! It has been wonderful to be a part of the Saverocity team, to be a part of this incredible miles and points community, and to attempt to strike so many different balances between blogging, being a good steward of the community, and still having the time to travel (you might say, in style). 

3 Years of Tagging Miles

In what has become an annual navel gaze, I will say that in the past 3 years, we’ve had 431,816 views. I realize for the bigger blogs, this is probably not huge, but to me, it is absolutely incredible! 

Looking back at the past year, here were the most popular posts:

As I think the posts above indicate, the more popular posts seem to ironically be not so much about travel, but, other things in the miles, points, and reselling world. I’ll continue to keep spicing things up, but I am curious whether folks have enjoyed any particular writing trends over the past year. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Its been a pretty busy year other than the blog for us too. We’ve established a Tagging Miles Facebook Page (please, check it out!), we’ll be hosting our 5th Reselling DO in August, and I’ve partnered with Phil Hall to launch the Mile High Reselling Club.

In honor of the 3 years of Tagging Miles, I’ve got a give away – 2 American Airlines Admirals Club passes. Just sign up to our new e-mail list, and leave a comment. I will randomly select the winner from the comments on 27 January.

Thank you again for 3 Years of Tagging Miles!!



5 thoughts on “Thank you for 3 Years of Tagging Miles!

  1. Actually just started reading your blog consistently only this year. Quick question since I’m relatively new to reading the blog, why Tagging Miles?

    • @P – Welcome! Glad to have you as a reader, and thank you for your comment. Tagging Miles was a funny play on words since we collect miles from a number of ways, kind’ve like you tag many different things.

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