Support the Recovery for the US Virgin Islands

The Hurricane Season still has over a month left, but we’ve already had two rather damaging hurricanes that have caused massive damage across the Caribbean. 

I wrote earlier this month that we can’t forget that many of non-Contiguous United States areas were severely impacted by Hurricane Irma.

A good friend of mine, Geoff has strong ties to the area, having lived some of his life in the US Virgin Islands. 

Even better, he’s pulling together supplies to send to the US Virgin Islands, and you can help!

US Virgin Islands

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can coordinate directly with him, he’s putting together pallets to be sent out to the islands. My wife and I will be contributing to at least one. 

If you’re not in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you want to contribute to this effort, you could order to a store like Walmart, Target, or Sams in the Bay Area, and coordinate with Geoff to pick up (best to coordinate first to get a store closer to him).

I realize there are a lot of ways to support the recovery of so many areas ravaged this hurricane season. The thing about Geoff’s effort–other than the fact that he’s a friend–is the fact that he is essentially taking this on himself. 

3 thoughts on “Support the Recovery for the US Virgin Islands

    • @ABC – Very true – that is another good option. I just like to see the grassroots type folks stepping up and organizing rather complex donations (logistics of getting pallets full of supplies transported via sea or air requires a whole lot more than dropping it off CONUS).

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