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$50 from Xoom, and the importance of the Fidelity Amex

WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE THE FIDELITY AMEX: Milenomics has a great post about a great card. If you know a credit card newbie, send them this link. And an interesting tidbit for those of you who


Gift Card Churning For Free Priority Mail

Reader Ed and I had exchanged a few emails regarding free shipping for gift card churning and what the best way was for him to ship the gift cards. I’ve showed off this packaging and

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This is what I did with my points and miles

Some of you may have noticed a reduced quantity of posts in the last several weeks. The reasons for that: multiple viruses sweeping through the household, a bad back… and a family get-together, courtesy of Ultimate Rewards

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4-24-14 Staples 4/27 ad: $20 GC with $300 in Mastercard GCs and more deals

I’m paging through next weeks Staples ad…, and a couple of things are catching my eye. Nexus 7 16gb for $179 ($50 off); currently $215 on Amazon Ipad mini 16gb for $249 (currently $280-$290 on

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Budgeting for the 0.1%

I know.  The whole 1% thing is so negative, but bear with me.  Personally, I am totally cool with people becoming super wealthy and going on to spend their money as they see fit.  Having


4-24-14 Staples Daily Deal $70-$120 off ipads – The BigHabitat Resale Deal Analysis

Today only Staples is offering $70 off of the 16gb Ipad with retina display – priced at $359.99, and $120 off of the 64gb ipad mini (NOT with retina display) priced at $379.99.  While the


Identity theft on the rise amongst Veterans

Today we’ll have a guest post from COL Glenn of The Military Frequent Flyer, talking about the rise of identity theft amongst Active Duty and Veterans, and ways to protect yourself. This is especially germane


My Communication Timeline

In the interest of my delayed response: I don’t disclose much personal details on the blog and I like to keep it that way. There are only a handful of people in real life that

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4-23-14 Psst, want a $200 egift certificate with that Samsung TV? Dell Amex Sync Deal

Dell AMEX Sync deal Hopefully you were lucky enough to get a Dell Amex Sync deal.  If you did, you’ll get $100 back on a $599 purchase. If you didn’t, don’t bother looking at your

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Republic Wireless offers a cheaper phone, the Moto G

A quick Republic Wireless update: I wrote favorably about this company before, and I’m still pleased with my service. I’m currently paying $10 per month for unlimited calls and text and I use wifi for any