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4_23_14 Dell TV with card

4-23-14 Psst, want a $200 egift certificate with that Samsung TV? Dell Amex Sync Deal

Dell AMEX Sync deal Hopefully you were lucky enough to get a Dell Amex Sync deal.  If you did, you’ll get $100 back on a $599 purchase. If you didn’t, don’t bother looking at your

republic wireless

Republic Wireless offers a cheaper phone, the Moto G

A quick Republic Wireless update: I wrote favorably about this company before, and I’m still pleased with my service. I’m currently paying $10 per month for unlimited calls and text and I use wifi for any


Ethics of Manufactured Spend White Hat Vs Black Hat

I’ve written about two unethical situations: Gift Card Churning – Is This Another Scummy Move? and most recently Unethical, Profitable Gift Card Churning Machine. Both eliciting a good and bad response that I appreciate to see all the

orbitz visa credit card

Orbitz launches a new credit card: 2% back on all purchases, no annual fee

Orbitz has launched a new credit card, with Comenity Bank doing the underwriting. I’ve never actually used Orbitz, so I don’t have much to say about this one. I’ll just pass along the details to

4_22_14 flowers

4-22-14 35x FTD Delta Bonus; JCPenney 15x – 20% – 30% = Resale Opportunity?

I love big portal bonuses.  And today there are two active for JCPenney: a 15x portal bonus for the Southwest shopping portal a 12x portal bonus for United MileagePlus Shopping Mall Cardpool has JCPenney gift


The Loyalty Program Charade

I have to admit, I find it really confusing when people are upset about loyalty programs devaluing. It really makes no sense to me, but I guess that comes from my position being different from theirs.


Protected: Chasing The Points milemadness Secret Revealed Latest Updated

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Chasing The Points milemadness Updated Post

Hey folks, I updated the password protected #milemadness post that just went live. For those that already have the password, it is the same. For those that have not received it, below are instructions to


Is Plastic Jungle Fading Away?

Around this time last year, Plastic Jungle made the announcement that they will become a business to business operation instead of a business to consumer company. I think they were by far the best gift card


Travel Hackers Anonymous- understanding spread and volatility in asset acquisition

Repeat after me: My name is <insert name> and I have a travel hacking problem.  I want to acquire points for travel and I keep on finding all these new ways to do it, but