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Fuji san

Can’t find an award deal? What would Mahomet do?

I’ve been procrastinating.  Someone asked me for some help on an award from SLC – FCO, they aren’t really an active reader here so I use that excuse, combined with my preliminary search telling me that Salt


The Best Non Bonus American Express Membership Rewards Earning Card

The other day, I started looking at the public credit card offers available for under my affiliate link (my affiliate link) and saw something that was interesting that isn’t talked about much.   The Card: Sorry

4_16_14 Neiman GC

4-16-14 Staples $50 off $499 laptops; 9-12x at Neiman Marcus and (for today) up to 25% back in GCs

Staples tends to recycle some of its coupon promotions, and here is a fairly regular one.  Use code 84331, expires tomorrow (4/17) Remember the unofficial rules of Staples $50 off $499 coupons. The $499 is

Venn Diagram - where do you want to be?

I’m not an Expert

I’m not an expert, I’m just a guy.  Sure, I’ve done some cool things with points and miles, and yes, my finances have some neat things attached to them, but I’m not an expert.  In


Cashing In On American Express Sync Lowe’s Or Staples

American Express has two great Sync offers, $10 off $50 purchase at Lowe’s and $20 off $100 purchase and for Lowe’s your best bet would be to buy gas gift cards at 20% off and sell


Amazon Payments Update – Unlocked Account

Last time I mentioned my Amazon Payments account, it was locked and you could not directly speak with an account specialist. I followed up with Amazon and they unlocked my account. I was able to


Barack Obama paid an effective rate of 20.4% Tax on his 2013 Return

As you read this post, wonder why I take this approach to the news. My motivations here are indicative as to my approach to Saverocity, and my approach to life in general.  When I heard


Idle Thoughts On Chip and PIN Credit Cards

Last time I stopped by my local pharmacy to purchase a MoneyPak or a PayPal My Cash card, I was only allowed if I used a “debit card.” The funny thing is, I have been

dave ramsey

Does the Dave Ramsey debt snowball technique actually work?

Most of you have heard of personal finance guru Dave Ramsey, and most of you have heard of his debt snowball tactic. From his website: Myth: I should pay off the debt with the highest interest


Plenty Of Mall Changes From April 13 to April 14

There’s been a lot of mall changes that occurred from midnight of April 14 to 12 PM EST April 14. Here are the following changes:   Here are the unique vendors: Bluum Competitive Cyclist Dogfunk