Virgin Atlantic Continues to Innovate with the Dreambird 1417

Mark this as the Breaking News of the day. Virgin Atlantic continues to innovate with the Dreambird 1417. This new aircraft incorporates the latest technology for flying. Truly cutting edge technology called “Flapology.” 

Virgin Atlantic Dreambird 1417, Credit: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Dreambird 1417, Credit: Virgin Atlantic

While Boeing has largely been viewed as the leader in innovative wing technology, what with their folding wingtips on the 777x, it sounds as if Virgin kept this development as an in-house affair. 

The Virgin Atlantic Dreambird 1417

Sir Richard Branson introduced the breakthrough with the following statement:

Birds are the ultimate flying machine and it’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to harness their energy and apply it to a passenger aircraft. Engineers all over the world have been trying for years to mimic a bird in flight and thanks to the perseverance and dedication of the team at Virgin Atlantic, we’ve finally succeeded. Not only have we harnessed this but we’ve also created a faster, cleaner more self-sustaining aircraft. – Virgin Atlantic

The impressive aspect of the aircraft is the flapable wings. Just see for yourself in this video shared by Virgin Atlantic:

The wings constructed from Graphene, will not just propel the plane, but will also power many of the aspects of the aircraft, including lights, ovens, Inflight Entertainment, and will improve the overall passenger experience. The Dreambird 1417 won’t fly this year, unfortunately. You’ll have to wait until 2019, where the inaugural route will be London-Heathrow to Seattle. 

Truly, the flapology of the Dreambird 1417 is revolutionary wing design. Its exciting to see an aircraft that can do what birds have been doing for millennia. Fantastically, Virgin continues to innovate, and break through barriers. 

I’m just left wondering whether the Upper Class Suite will be new and improved, or will it remain as the herringbone seat on the Dreamliner? 

Happy April Fools Day 2017!


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