18 June is Southwest Airlines Birthday

If you’re flying Southwest Airlines today, enjoy a drink on them in celebration of their birthday! 

It’s Southwest Airlines Birthday!

Southwest Airlines, Birthday

I just happened to be flying home from Austin this morning and noticed in the cocktail menu that 18 June is Southwest Airlines’ birthday and that is a good enough reason to have a free drink from the airline. This joins St. Patrick’s Day and (I think) Valentine’s day as free drink days. Thanksgiving may also be on the list along with the other majors of Christmas and New Years.

It still amazes me how Southwest, a fairly no-frills airline, still finds a way to do nice gestures for its passengers. I’d imagine these days of a free drink don’t really cost all that much, but the goodwill it engenders is something that many other airlines could definitely benefit from.

Are you flying Southwest today? Did you toast a free drink for Southwest Birthday?


2 thoughts on “18 June is Southwest Airlines Birthday

  1. I wish WN wasn’t so expensive for us out of Denver. We used to fly them all the time, but in the past year we’ve been flying legacy carriers because they’re often times half price for RT routings compared to Southwest.

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