Coming Monday 6 May – Ebates 20th Birthday!

May is a great time for online shoppers of all kinds! I’ve long talked about the power of shopping portals to increase miles and points balances, but May happens to be Ebates Birthday month, and with this year being Ebates 20th Birthday, they’re going bigger than we’ve ever seen before!

Past Ebates Birthdays

Past Ebates Birthdays usually see 15% off like when we even saw Staples included at 15% in 2018. Though the best was Ebates birthday celebration in 2015, when they did 16% cashback, translating to 21x at Staples. Bottom line, Ebates is the portal to check in May!

Ebates 20th Birthday

Ebates will begin celebrating their 20th birthday starting on May 6th with 20% cashback on many, many stores! 

Ebates 20th Birthday

Right now, Ebates isn’t giving a ton of insight, just that a bunch of categories that will have some stores at 20% cashback:

Ebates 20th Birthday

Of interest, we don’t see Office Supplies, do note that when you hover over the dropdown, it displays “Electronics and Office.” So I think there’s still some chance we’ll see some of our favorite stores.

But wait, it gets better, wayyy better!

I know, right now you’re thinking, “how do you get better than 20% cashback?” Well, what if I told you, it could really be 20x American Express Membership Rewards Points? Remember a few months ago when Chuck over at Doctor of Credit wrote about Ebates Partnership with American Express? And how $5 of cashback transferred into 500 Membership Rewards points? Yeah, like I said, what’s better than 20% cashback? 20x Membership Rewards!

Wrapping Up 

Ebates 20th Birthday is a big deal, and it starts on 6 May! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Staples, which would make it a 25x opportunity. 

Will you participate in Ebates 20th Birthday? If so, will you go for the 20% cashback or 20x Membership Rewards Points? 

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