Introducing Tagging Miles Portal Updates!

If you’re a subscriber of the blog, you’ve probably noticed the soft launch of the daily Tagging Miles Portal Updates. Ever since FrequentMiler had to unfortunately discontinue their Portal Alerts, I had been looking for a way to replace this valuable daily e-mail.

Introducing Tagging Miles Portal Updates

Thanks to the expert help of Wandering Aramean, (Thanks Seth!!) we are able to provide a daily blogpost delivered right to your inbox with the updates that Cashbackmonitor has observed over the last 24 hours. 

It’ll be a fairly long post, but first shows the updates for miles / points increases:

Tagging Miles Portal Updates

Tagging Miles Portal Updates

It’ll then shows the updates for miles / points increases:

Tagging Miles Portal Updates - 2

Then you’ll get the cashback updates, which includes Rakuten, one of our favorite portals:

After that you’ll see the less fun stuff; portal decreases. 

Bank point and cashback decreases follow that (but no sense in having those screenshots, since its not really actionable info).

How to subscribe for daily Tagging Miles Portal Updates?

So full disclosure – at this point, the only way to subscribe to Tagging Miles Portal Updates is by subscribing to all blog posts. I know there’s a way to do this better, but for the time being this is the approach. 

To subscribe, select any blogpost, and scroll all the way to the bottom, like you are planning to leave a comment:

Tagging Miles Portal Updates

Enter your name, e-mail address, and select “Sign me up for the newsletter!”

You’ll have to hit “Post Comment” and put something in the comment field to sign up — feel free to put something fun, or “subscribe” or, if you really like me: “Lufthansa First Class” 😛

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you’ll find this new feature of Tagging Miles as beneficial. From the perspective of our reselling business, having portal alerts daily is crucial for the Resellers among us. Besides, Shopping Portals are one of the best ways to supercharge your mileage accounts!


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    • Thanks Christian, glad to have you on board! Please don’t hesitate to share feedback on the Portal Updates.

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