Rebooting ResellingDO – 20 July in Dallas-Fort Worth!

Big news! We are rebooting ResellingDO! am I overly excited about this? Heck yeah! One of the greatest things about the miles and points community (and reselling!) is the fact that all of us love to get together, connect, break bread, and share knowledge. We’ve had a great run of ResellingDO’s and this one will be just as great! Why? Because networking is key in reselling, just like it is for travel hacking.

Past ResellingDO

Rebooting ResellingDO

In an attempt to keep things a bit easier logistically, we’re rebooting ResellingDO in the middle of the country. We’ll be at the Hyatt Place DFW to make it easy for folks to attend from anywhere in the country (or our friends in Mexico or Canada).  

Key Details

  • When: Saturday, July 20th, 2019
  • What: A full day of networking; presentations on reselling via Amazon
  • Eat: Lunch included
  • Where: Hyatt Place DFW
  • Ticket Price: $130
  • Link: Grab your ticket to ResellingDO Reboot!

Registration: 9:15am, presentations start at 9:30am.

Who’s right for ResellingDO?

The way we’re crafting this event, it will be useful for folks that want to add to their income as a side gig (like me), as well as folks that do this full time. In fact, we’ll have a great group of speakers, that span the gambit between side giggers and full timers, as well as serial entrepreneurs.

What if you are new to reselling?

Great! This event is for you! We’re even having an additional hour of presentations so you can get up to speed on selling on Amazon. Our ResellingDO Beginner’s Primer will start at 08:30. Here you’ll get a feel for the basics, and have a solid foundation for the rest of the day’s presentations.

What if you are an old hat with Reselling?

Well, hope you’re buying drinks! (kidding!) We’ll have presentations covering Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Tools of the Trade, and more. I have complete confidence that you will learn something, and even if you don’t, you’ll be able to network with sellers that range a few hundred thousands in annual sales, all the way up to $5 million a year! Many of the attendees are how Amazon has so much of an impact on small business!

Book early for even more value!

We haven’t done this before, but like any good story, there should be a bit of a twist, right? So for ResellingDO Reboot, we’re providing an Early Bird Benefit (Book before 19 May 19)! If you book before 19 May, you will get a $30 gift card to Hard Eight, where we’ll catch up for an informal dinner Friday night!

Wrapping Up

If you’ve ever been curious about reselling, or if you’ve already got a mature reselling business, this is the event to attend this year! We’ll be talking about Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage, Tools of the Trade, and even have an open format Q&A session with a $5M+ seller. Even better: Every presenter is a travel hacker / mile and point aficionado! 

So, will we see you at the ResellingDO Reboot?

10 thoughts on “Rebooting ResellingDO – 20 July in Dallas-Fort Worth!

    • William, Thanks for your question! It’ll be classroom format for the most part. Joey Redmond, who was tagged to speak at last summer’s ResellingDO and did speak at the NapaDO will speak. Andrew will speak again (he spoke at ResellingDO SE), We’ll have a couple other full time sellers speak, including myself. I’m working the agenda and will post later in the week.

  1. This sounds like a valuable event.

    I’m looking at flight times now. Any idea what time it wraps up Saturday?

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