Stop the Presses! 21x at Staples! Today Only!

EBates Staples 16x

I just happened to look at Milenerd‘s morning e-mail (which I do every morning), where he mentioned Ebate’s ongoing 16% cash back in honor of their 16th year. Dia had a post earlier in the week, but for background, from May 11-18 you can shop particular stores and get 16% cash back. On Monday, Kohls and Macy’s were on the list. I didn’t look yesterday, but this morning I noticed this:

Staples 16x CashBack

Note that big green box – Staples 16% Cash Back! I haven’t had a chance to look for awesome deals yet, but, it’s Staples! I’m sure there will be some. If you use your Chase Ink card, you get another 5x, getting you up to 21x. Heck, if you’ve got a Staples Rewards number, you could get another 5% back in rewards, and could really be looking at 26x!

Good luck deal hunting! I’m sure BigHabitat will have something out soon!


H/T Milenerd

5 thoughts on “Stop the Presses! 21x at Staples! Today Only!

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  2. Trevor, great post. Man, I can’t find anything to buy though. Even my Roomba is gone from their site.

    And can we say it’s not 21X. Can’t combine a % with a UR point. Let’s say UR is 1.5% so 5x = 7.5% + 16% = 23.5% cashback.

    • @Miles per Day – I just make the regular assumption of 1 cent per UR point.. but I can see your point of UR’s being more valuable. I just do it to be simple.

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