Update to the Pursuit of the Southwest Companion Pass

A few weeks, I wrote that I was pursuing the Southwest Companion Pass. I’ve been remiss in providing an update, partially because I was waiting with baited breath for points to post.

I’m pleased to say that I’m 95% of the way there. This of course pales in comparison to BigHabitat who has gotten not 1, but 2! I know, he’s such a show off! But he needs help booking 5 people to Hawaii (Definitely weigh in if you haven’t already!).

Almost there!

Almost there!

Some observations:

My efforts slowed a bit due to a weekend trip to Seoul and the Independence Day Holiday.  I tried to jump on some of the promotions that BigHabitat highlighted including Kohls, however, for one reason or another, it just hasn’t hit yet. Alas, I haven’t met my goal yet. That said, with some Sears purchases, and some Kohls purchases that I am optimistic in finally hitting, I should have the pass well in hand.

Final observation

If there is one message to take away from this, it is: You can get “huge travel, and make a profit” (to play off another blogger). I don’t know what the final figures are yet, it’ll probably take another couple/few weeks, but I believe I can comfortably say that if you subtract the Elliptical that I was going to buy anyway, we will have made a profit AND the Companion Pass.

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