Sheraton Bratislava – A review

We had a few days of downtime in between obligations while we were in Europe recently, and happened to notice a friend was in Slovakia. Being that it was a short train ride, and there were available award stays at the local Sheraton, we jumped at the opportunity to see a new country and city. While many things were inexpensive, the Sheraton Bratislava was going for ~130 Euro’s a night or 25k Marriott Bonvoy points. I ended up burning 25k Marriott Bonvoy points and my 35k night award from what was once the SPG Amex Business.

Arrival Experience at the Sheraton Bratislava

We arrived via train into Bratislava and Ubered to the Sheraton. Walking in via the automated revolving door, we first saw the Concierge desk to the left, then slightly further, was the Reception.

We were welcomed, asked for our Passports—as is customary—and then re-welcomed as Titanium Elites. I had proactively requested the use of 2 Suite Night awards, since we’d be there for 2 nights, and I haven’t had great success in using them previously. Enroute, I received notification that we would be upgraded to a Junior Suite. Upon check-in, we were further upgraded to a Senior Suite—a first for me, as I’ve never heard of such a thing. We were also given a lovely welcome amenity (another first):

The Room

There has been much digital ink spent on debating what constitutes a “suite.” I’m in the camp, that a suite must be at least 2 usable rooms separated by a wall/door, plus at least one bathroom. Room 606, which we were allocated, does not meet my criteria for a “Suite,” but it was wonderful none-the-less.

The bathroom was just to the left of the entry way, and was of respectable size:

Sheraton Bratislava Toilet and Shower

Sink and Tub

To the right of the entry way, was the bed, which was very comfortable, as we’ve come to expect from Sheratons.

Sheraton Bratislava King Bed

Sheraton Bratislava King Bed

There was also a nicely sized walk-in closet, with what seemed like a good space for something, we just didn’t know what that something was.

Walk in Closet.

Extra space in the walk in closet (maybe for unpacked suitcases?)

Also of note, the turndown service was exceptional:

Turndown service

Sheraton Bratislava Amenities

As Titanium members, we were afforded complimentary breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. While the spread was alright, it wasn’t as expansive as many of the hotels we’ve stayed at. That said, it was perfectly satisfying.

Buffet Breakfast Spread

It was nice to see waffle options at the hotel, as I feel like I’ve seen waffles offered more infrequently of late.

Waffles and Pancakes – Yum!

Another thing that intrigued me a touch, was the sunny side egg option. This especially because there was an omelette station. 

Warm options for the buffet breakfast

While I’m not a coffee drinker generally (though I’ve had a bunch on this trip, because its really quite good in this part of the world), my wife appreciated the coffee options.

Sheraton Bratislava

Coffee Options

The buffet included a fair amount of bakery or bread options (as I do enjoy my carbs!). 

Sheraton Bratislava

Bakery Options

The Sheraton Bratislava also has an exercise room, which wasn’t terribly large, but Bratislava as a city is very walkable, so I suspect folks wouldn’t want to be cooped up in a small exercise room overlooking the pool. 

Sheraton Bratislava

Exercise Room

The hotel also had a very respectable (and appreciated) indoor pool, which at 1.5 meters deep, was perfect for laps, and a little bit of soaking after a long day of walking around the city. One thing of note, is that the pool wasn’t really for lounging as there were only 4 lounge chairs.

Sheraton Bratislava Indoor Pool

Sheraton Bratislava Indoor Pool

The hotel also had a smallish lounge, that worked very well for the amount of people that visited it during our time there. During the day, snacks and soft drinks were available, including the occasional dried meat and bread options (so more than you’d normally expect). 

Sheraton Bratislava

Club Lounge

The lounge also offered wine, beer, and slightly heavier fare in the evening (from 6-8 for the food, and 6-10 for the wine and beer).

Sheraton Bratislava

Club Lounge evening offerings.

The offerings were two warm items, a desert platter, and the normal cheese, meat, and bread options. There were also wine and beer options. 

Sheraton Bratislava

Club Lounge evening beverage offerings.

Sheraton Bratislava

Club lounge beer options — the left was Pilsner Urquell, the right was a non-alcoholic beer.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Sheraton Bratislava certainly met its marks. Admittedly, we’ve stayed at so few Marriott properties over the last year or two, that I’ve developed low expectations, but, Sheraton and Westin properties seem to always meet expectations, if not, outshine their Marriott colleagues. Would I return to the Sheraton Bratislava? Absolutely, but that’s further bolstered by the fact that Bratislava has a lot more to see, given that we only had 2 nights here.

2 thoughts on “Sheraton Bratislava – A review

  1. A couple of friends and I did a guys trip this Spring that included Bratislava. We stayed there for 5 nights at the Radisson Carlton for about 100 euros a night. No breakfast included and no lounge (I’m titanium for now as well) but kind of the grand dame of the city with a great location. I was torn between the Sheraton and the Carlton, with location vs. amenities as contrasting points. All three of us liked Bratislava even better than Budapest or Zagreb and I look forward to showing my wife the city next time around. The free walking tours are superb and downtown is so walkable.

    • @Christian – We totally saw the Radisson and it was in that great location near Opera House (I think), you chose a great location! The Sheraton was a bit of a walk, but also had some energy around it because of a run being held the weekend we were there. Totally agree re: Bratislava, totally a very walkable city, and we will definitely be going back!

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