Touring Bratislava, Slovakia

As I mentioned in the review of the Sheraton Bratislava, we had 2 nights in Bratislava. The location of the Sheraton Bratislava is roughly a 10 minute walk to the old town, and about a 20 minute walk to the Bratislava Castle. The city itself is on the banks of the Danube River, so you see a fair amount of river cruises as well.

Touring Bratislava

A Fairy Tale Castle if ever we’ve seen one!

Touring Bratislava Castle Grounds

While we didn’t actually go into the castle, because it was effectively just a museum, we had a ton of fun touring the grounds. It was perhaps the most unique experience of our trip. As we walked up, we saw horses and folks dressed in period attire, little did we know, it was a coronation ceremony reenactment.


But before we made it up to the castle and reenactment ceremony, we were distracted by something rather modern; many, many Porsches!

How’s this for a clash of the ages?


Porsche Fans Family Day in Bratislava, Slovakia


We came to find out that there was an event of Slovakian Porsche Fans. It was supported by the local dealership, and there were a handful of beverage and food outlets, music, camaraderie, and plenty of proud owners showing off their beautiful Porsches, of varying vintages.

Wouldn’t expect this lot of Porsches inside the castle walls, would you?

Talk about a classic!


Porches as far as the eyes could see.  


The path to black burgers — which were so great, we didn’t take a photograph of the finished product before we devoured them!


After touring the Porsches on display, we made are way up for a part of the coronation ceremony.

Coronation Reenactment

Coronation Reenactment birds

Then we made it to the entrance of the Castle, which was originally started in the 9th century, then rebuilt in 1956-1964 .

Bratislava Castle Entrance

We also had the chance to check out the gardens.

 We ended up grabbing a bite at the Porsche event, with a wonderful double black burger, and then made our way down to the old town.

The old town was pretty picturesque, if filled with tourists—as one would expect.

A quaint little street enroute from the Bratislava Castle to old town.


A Church in old town Bratislava.


Meandering through old town Bratislava.


What we didn’t expect was a nice little food festival in the main square, Hlavné námestie.

An unexpected food festival in Bratislava’s main square

More fun food in Bratislava’s main square.

We also checked out one of the notable bakeries, Konditorei Kormuth – which offered a pre-fixed coffee + pastry option.

There were some other enjoyable sights as we meandered through the city on our way back to the hotel, though in some cases, we just didn’t note the names, rather enjoying the beauty of the architecture.



A sampling of food while touring Bratislava

While we tend to have breakfast in the hotel lounge, we make it a point to have at least one meal a day out in the city, and the meals in Bratislava did not disappoint.

Strawberry Lemonade.

Shrimp Gnocchi



Caramel Latte

Wrapping Up

Overall, Bratislava, which uses the Euro as its currency, is a gorgeous city. It’s very walkable, the people are nice, the food is wonderful, and I very much see us returning in the future. As far as how to get to Bratislava, it’s roughly an hour train ride from Vienna city center, or a bit less via car (though significantly more expensive).

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