ResellingDO Tickets and Continuing to Innovate

The first set of tickets for ResellingDO 3 went on sale on Saturday and sold out in under 2 hours. The second set on Sunday, sold regularly, however there are still a few left. If you have been thinking about attending, you still have a chance to get your ticket!

Jailbreak 1

As I think I have mentioned before, the theme is: Preparing for Q4, and we’ll have a variety of topics, based on the survey that will go out later this week. The long list of topics includes:

  • Gift Cards – Buying, Tracking, Maximizing (and maybe even selling!)
  • Credit Cards
  • Taxes
  • Reselling Tools
  • Reselling Strategies

There’ll be more options on the survey but I think those are the favorites.

We’ll also have good food and good beer (like any ResellingDO should!)

Continuing to Innovate

Phil Hall and I have put together the Mile High Reselling Club, a private, subscription based Facebook Group that will be focused primarily on reselling, but will try to bridge the gap between frequent travel and reselling. We’ll provide tips, guides, exclusive content, and provide a forum for discussion.

We hope to more formerly announce soon, so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “ResellingDO Tickets and Continuing to Innovate

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  2. Looking forward to the Facebook group. Hopefully, some of the ideas I have will be useful and it will always be good to interact with the community.

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