MMS and Bankrate, Checklists and United MileagePlus

The roundup is short this week due to travel, hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day!

The Weekly News Roundup is a collection of headlines from around the internet that caught the attention of the Tagging Miles team. Content on these blogs do not necessarily reflect the positions of Tagging Miles, and should not be considered endorsements. Have a great story we should read? Contact us now and let us know!

  • The GM of Atlanta’s Airport was ousted this past week, the only “publicly released” contributing factor was TSA Security lines. This sounds to me like more Airport Managers need to feel empowered enough to fire the TSA, and invite private security back in.
  • Jeanne shares the difference for traveling when you own a home (and have real neighbors), or just have real neighbors.
  • Million Mile Secrets has been acquired by Bankrate. PFDigest has the news.
  • Stefan shares his Pre-Trip IT checklist, which is a great reminder (especially for me as I’m heading to a fairly new hotel that may not be as well known by taxi drivers yet).
  • Pizza in Motion reports that United is getting even more specific in rewarding customers for spending certain amounts on tickets. This is over and above what Delta did with flights to Australia a few months back.

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