My Memorial Day Weekend Flying – Intro and By the Numbers

I just got back from a spending my Memorial Day Weekend flying around the block (so to speak), over the long weekend. It was mostly a mileage run, to maintain American Airlines Executive Platinum status, but had a bunch of fun throw in as well. I’m putting together more notes on the various components of the trip, but thought I’d share a brief into and I’ll build out some of the below bullets in a non-traditional trip report, for a non-traditional trip.

gcmap crazy memorial day wknd

  • 144 hours of total travel (home airport to home airport) – roughly 60 hours in the air.
  • 3 hotel stays (1 SPG, 2 Hyatts) — Which included varying arrival experiences
  • 3 business class flights (all different seats)
  • 3 first class flights (all different seats)
  • 1 Euro Biz flight
  • 1 Economy (intra-Brazil) flight
  • 3 different airlines
  • 3 continents
  • 8 lounges (2 centurions, 2 Lufthansa J, Lufthansa FCT, 1 admirals club, 1 non-airline club-MXP)
  • 4 nights on planes
  • 7 airports

To get an idea of the miles, here’s what Great Circle Mapper says:

gcmap crazy memorial day wknd-2

Of course, not all of these flights were revenue, but the majority of them were, so I’ll be earning a bunch of miles, roughly 39k EQMs at least. I did however shift the pendulum from earning to burning for the last flight, upgrading to Lufthansa First Class, primarily because I wanted some wiener schnitzel for lunch:

wiener schnitzel at Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Wrapping Up

I’ll have more info coming in the next few days, but I figured I’d start this out here.

9 thoughts on “My Memorial Day Weekend Flying – Intro and By the Numbers

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  2. I would love to hear a little more about your mileage run process. (Where you look for deals, your cost to earn miles, etc)

    • @Jordan – I don’t do as many mileage runs as I used to. But I have an IFTTT for the FlyerTalk Premium Fare Deals forum . Usually, that’ll give me the idea and I’ll search on ITA Matrix. Sometimes I just look for the usual suspects, which sometimes requires a re-position flight (so I might like ORD-PEK,PVG,ICN for example, despite living in WAS, because its likely to be much less). I’ve been doing premium fares lately, because I just don’t have the time for tons of Y flights (and I’m kind’ve used to layflats nowadays). Does that help?

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