Flying the Cycle – One Euro-Business and One Economy Seat

One Euro-Business and One Economy Seat

All told, the Euro Business flight operated by a Lufthansa A321 was nothing to write home about.


Excellent leg room as expected on this slimline seat.

The Soft product was better than the slimline hard product. We had a nice light bite on the short flight from Frankfurt to Milan.


Lufthansa’s Euro-Business In Flight Meal Service

Overall, the flight was only ok. The slimline seat rapidly became old and uncomfortable, but I’m not sure that you could really expect greatness from Euro-business.

TAM Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo

The economy seat provided by TAM on an aging A320, was pretty much on par, if not slightly more comfortable than most economy seats I’ve experienced–granted, that isn’t a whole lot. The aircraft was entirely economy, but, true to how I normally fly – we were in the bulkhead seat.



Yes, Joe, I wore shorts on a plane.


I’d say TAM’s economy seat was significantly more comfortable than Lufthansa’s Euro-business seat. Not that the two compete.. but, the fact remains, slimline seats are horrible. But, TAM is pretty good, and even within a few weeks, TAM’s pricing was still very reasonable, even for a one-way flight.


One thought on “Flying the Cycle – One Euro-Business and One Economy Seat

  1. Trevor, I had a slimline seat on my Eurobusiness flight from VCE to LGW last fall. A less comfortable seat I can’t imagine. Legroom, yes. But that was about it. And the food service was horrid, especially as the flight was delayed (it was a typical terribly foggy late fall day in the Veneto) and we flew straight through supper time.

    If you are really into carbs, it would have been great: teeny sandwiches, sweet pastries, etc: all the trappings of tea. I scraped the mediocre egg salad out of one of the sandwiches, and called it done.

    Oh, well, at least the tea was good. BA, after all.

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