End of Year Reminder: Don’t forget to maximize Quarterly Offers!

This year we had a number of great quarterly bonuses for credit card spend.

Discover Quarterly Department Store, Amazon, or Clothing stores, and Apply Pay

For starters, we had the Discover Apple Pay promotion, where you get a 10% bonus when you pay with your Discover via Apple Pay. This can be even better if you have the Discover Double Cashback promotion. Note, the 10% bonus is only up to $10,000 spend between early September and the end of the year, per Discover card. Despite all of my spending this year, I’m probably just about $5k short of maximizing for my wife and myself. I did get the chance to double dip some though for the 5% quarterly bonus up to $1500.

Chase Freedom Special Nov 24 to 31 December – Amazon, Zappos, Audible, and Diapers.com

This was a special enticement from Chase, having previously stated that the “normal” Forth Quarter would be 5x Ultimate Rewards (UR) points up to $1,500 spend. Well, then they said, make that spend by 23 November, adding that from 24 November to 31 December, you can get 10x UR points up to $1,500 spend. Wow. That’s pretty big. I know I’m still working off my 3 Freedoms, at this point, I’m buying lots of gift cards. Lots and lots of gift cards. shameless plus, if you don’t have an amazon link, please consider using mine, you can find it at Support Tagging Miles, we sincerely appreciate the consideration.

Citi Dividend Quarterly Best Buy and Department Stores

If you haven’t made your $300 cashback for the year yet, well, you could finish that. If you already have, you could try what the Devil’s advocate recommends, as far as leveraging Best Buy and Department stores to maximize your 2016 cashback.

Wrapping Up

I’m sure there are more out there. I know I’ve been trying to get smart on the Bank of America cards for example. But the fact remains, it never hurts to maximize, if you have the flexibility to, especially when you can get as many as 15,000 Ultimate Rewards Points per Chase Freedom, $300 per Citi Dividend, and a bunch with the combined Discover bonuses.

One last thing, if you happened to get the targeted Barclay Aviator spend $500 in October, November, and December, and have gotten October and November, then don’t forget to make the $500 in spend in December!


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    • Yep, I’ve sure done that. You can also buy other gift cards, if you frequent other stores… although Amazon’s selection has been a bit limited lately.

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