TaggingMiles Weekly Travel News Roundup: April 17, 2015

The Weekly News Roundup is a collection of headlines from around the internet that caught the attention of the Tagging Miles team. Content on these blogs do not necessarily reflect the positions of Tagging Miles, and should not be considered endorsements. Have a great story we should read? Contact us now and let us know!

When “Keeping it Real” Goes Wrong

  • FrequentMiler encountered one of the bigger concerns we have in the mile and point game: losing points! He’s trying to make lemonade out of lemons and sharing his mistake so others can avoid it. He’s even created a checklist.
  • From The Doctor Of Credit – Offers Bot, one of the better options for automatically jumping on AMEX Sync. has been suspended permanently (cue the Dramatic Chipmunk). He does mention alternatives, including Wandering Aramean’s SyncAssist.

Making the Dollars Count

  • Like golf? Have a Citi Prestige? You’re in luck! The Doctor shows us how you can get 3 free rounds of golf per calendar year. If you don’t have a Citi Prestige – you’re best off going into a branch and applying (we think?).
  • Chasing the Points highlights that shopping direct may not always be the best option. He highlights eBay, but we see stores also sell on Amazon, and to a lesser extent on Sears. We’re sure there are other places out there.
  • In that similar vein – Chasing the Points has some important notes about credit cards: where to apply to them, how not everyone is treated the same with Bank Americard deals, and more.
  • Chasing the Points highlights some awesome stuff – no, seriously. Check out his post, and check out CashBackMonitor if you haven’t yet.

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