#AvGeek 737-400 Combi and UA’s Farewell to the 747, Celebrating 3+ years of Doctor of Credit

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Emirates is closing their JFK Lounge for renovations until “early 2018” – instead, premium passengers will get a voucher, $30 for business, $40 for first, to one of the terminal’s restaurants. This seems far insignificant considering the downgrade in experience that premium passengers will have by not having a lounge.


A review of the Alaska Airlines 737-400 Combi – a fun little 737 aircraft that has freight in the forward part of the aircraft and passenger accommodations in the aft. 

United is doing a series of farewell flights for the 747. It will essentially be a farewell tour of all of United’s Hubs. A fitting farewell to United’s Queen of the Skies.

Manufactured Spending

When an ATM eats your Money Order, perhaps one of the scariest things that can happen to a Manufactured Spender.
Doctor of Credit celebrates 3 years without credit card affiliate links. Will has really build that site to be a true resource for our community. Congratulations!

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