ResellingDO Success Story – Andrew

I thought in advance of ResellingDO Reboot, that I’d share a ResellingDO Success Story.

ResellingDO Success Story

I met Andrew at ResellingDO 2  At the time we met, he was still working a day job, but was getting further and further into Reselling. It was a great opportunity to network with folks, and he was clearly interested in seeing how much further he could go. 
Later that year, on September 11th, he attended ResellingDO 3 and even brought his wife. He was committed to this new business model. At the time he didn’t share how much he was doing, but it was clear he was a rising star.
Andrew first presented at a ResellingDO SE, 18 March 2017 – at this point he was out on his own. He had quit his day job and had dove in head first into a full time Amazon seller lifestyle. He had far exceeded what most part timers do, and knew that he could go big, and believe me, he did!
Last year, Andrew did $4.8M in annual sales. $4.8M! 
A few weeks ago, he shared this screenshot from his Amazon app, just to give you a flavor of how far he’s come:
ResellingDO Success Story

An example of Andrew’s month Selling on Amazon

This is not the only ResellingDO Success Story!

Perhaps you are thinking that this is a unique case, but as an example, I have received multiple messages from folks that have crossed the 7 figure line (kind’ve a big deal, right?), and many of them attribute the ResellingDO events as that push that helped them to focus their energy into building their business beyond a hobby. 
Andrew is the perfect example of an individual who saw the potential of selling on Amazon and seized the opportunity. He grabbed that brass ring, and it is working out quite well for him.
Believe me when I say there are still many Brass Rings to be had! Whether you want to go full time, or part time, there is great potential still left within Amazon! 

ResellingDO Reboot Information

Just in case this ResellingDO Success Story has piqued your interest in attending the next ResellingDO, here’s the info for it:

Will you be at the next ResellingDO?

4 thoughts on “ResellingDO Success Story – Andrew

  1. The three relevant questions I can think of are: how long he’s been selling? He’s he only doing reselling? And most importantly, what’s his profit margin?

  2. “And most importantly, what’s his profit margin?”

    I would start there. I’m not sceptical or overly sceptical, but that would be the most important DP, IMHO.

    • So – in the reselling world, folks are generally a bit cagey – recall, these are privately owned businesses. Andrew has offered that he’s been able to replicate his six figure salary with his business. If I had to guess, he’s doing better than that, considering he has a handful of employees.

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