ResellingDO Special Edition On Sale now!

We’re changing up the model for the next ResellingDO in honor of the ASD Market Show in Las Vegas. We’re calling it: ResellingDO Special Edition (ResellingDOse). Tickets are on sale now, and there are only a few left.

ResellingDO Special Edition Details

Like past ResellingDO’s, we’re going to have speakers, and keep the attendance fairly limited. More specifically, this ResellingDO is going to be focused on preparing for a particular event. ASD Market Week. Like ResellingDO 3, where we focused on preparing for Q4, our vision for ResellingDOse is that we’ll have a half day to network, 2-3 presentations / panel, and of course, food and drinks. We’ll keep attendance small, in fact, it will be less than the first ResellingDO. 

About ASD Market Week

ASD Market Week is focused on linking retailers / resellers with wholesalers. This is an opportunity for resellers to talk to wholesalers who would normally not give us the time of day. There will be wholesalers from many markets, including grocery, general merchandise, consumer goods, and others.

Not for everyone

I realize that wholesale is not for everyone. Most of us got into this with Online Arbitrage or Retail Arbitrage. Wholesale requires more logistics, potentially even a footprint, and some cash flow. It requires you to go deeper into products, think 100-1,000 units vs 10-20. But it can also open up doors for you. Especially following Amazon’s latest changes for gating, having an in with a wholesaler can open doors not otherwise available.

Will we see you at ResellingDOse?

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