ResellingDO heads to Napa!

ResellingDO, NapaDO

After ResellingDO Special Edition last year, many asked for another smaller DO in a cool location. Napa was a logical destination because of a number of factors, and it will be a fantastic experience!

ResellingDO heads to Napa!

That’s right folks, we’re making a West Coast swing this March, heading to Napa Valley. Here are the details:

  • When: Saturday, March 17th, 2018
  • What: A full day of networking, presentations on more advanced reselling topics.
  • Where: Merryvale Winery, Gott’s Napa and the Westin Napa
  • Tickets: Buy your ResellingDO Tickets here

Because we’ll be in Napa, we’ll be meeting for a half day of presentations at the Merryvale winery. We’ll follow that up with a wine tasting before heading across the street to Gott’s Napa for lunch. Since we’ll be doing a wine tasting, and in Napa, we’ll hop on a bus back to the Westin Napa (rather than having to drive). 

We’ve locked in some excellent speakers, including 2 that have not spoken at previous ResellingDO events, so we’ll definitely have fresh material and fresh insights to learn from!

Will you be joining us at NapaDO?

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