Last Chance! NapaDO tickets close March 9th!

We attempted to break the mold–yet again–with NapaDO. We kind’ve broke the mold with the first few ResellingDO’sThat said the Merryvale winery, that is graciously working with us to make this the most amazing ResellingDO event so far, requires that we lock in attendee numbers a week early. I can’t fault them. Everyone needs to plan.

Why should you attend NapaDO?

If you have a reselling business, this is probably a no brainer. If you’re in the miles and points game and you have a reselling business, this might be the event for you. If you’re a casual travel hacker, well, I’m going to be honest, it’s probably not the event for you. All that said, I think it’s important to highlight the type of value you will get from this event.

When I plan events like these, the first thing I ask myself, is: What are my blind spots? What am I not smart enough on? Then I bounce those ideas off of friends and mentors–people that are experts in their fields–and we come up with a plan. This event is a perfect example of that. My friends, we have an amazing cadre of speakers, as I’ve shared before.

Here is a recap:

  • Matt (aka @Saverocity) talks about why he is excited about NapaDO, His presentation will provide you insight into how you can leverage the new tax laws to increase your tax deductions. He says it’s likely worth an additional 5-6 figure deduction in 2018! As if that wasn’t enough:
  • Joey (aka @joeyredmond) will get you smart on Tactical Arbitrage. If you’re not familiar with Tactical Arbitrage, it is one of the gold standards for Online Arbitrage. Also, this is a great opportunity to see how you can further leverage one of my favorite reselling cards, the AT&T Access More.
  • Geoff (aka @Alpen_Geoff) will show you how to do Seller Fulfilled Prime shipping. He’ll show you how you can use Seller Fulfilled Prime shipping to increase profit, and not go crazy doing it! This will be even more important as Amazon raised FBA fees on 22 February.

Of course, Amazon released some interesting numbers in their recent February notes. That got me thinking. Typically our March events are for fairly experienced folks. Looking at the attendees, I’d say you’re talking about a pretty significant percentage of folks that are in that 140,000 of sellers with greater than $100,000 annual sales.

Bottom line: If you want to network with folks that are doing significant numbers on Amazon, you need to be at NapaDO.

NapaDO Information: 

The event will definitely be one not to miss. It’s clearly exclusive, and we’ll be incorporating a true Napa experience.

  • When: Saturday, March 17th, 2018
  • What: A full day of networking, presentations on more advanced reselling topics.
  • Where: Merryvale Winery, Gott’s Napa and the Westin Napa
  • Tickets: Buy your ResellingDO Tickets here

Will you be at NapaDO?

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