Introduce yourself here!


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Long time, first time.

Also in the NJ area.
Would be interested in learning about the second level for MS


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Hello All, I'm John. Custom Design Jeweler and Diamond Wholesaler by day, MS'r by night (awe heck, I do it during the day too).
Born in Toronto, grew up in Niagara Falls, and currently live in Abq. Been doing miles for about 2 years but always trying to learn.


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Hi there! Matt-I have enjoyed following you on twitter and am very happy to see this forum! I have only been in the points/MS world for about a year but am learning quickly and read everything I can. My goals are to travel with my husband and son several times a year and give my son experiences I did not have growing up in a family with many children. I am very well traveled having lived abroad in Germany for 4 years and Hong Kong for one. My family and I now reside in the San Diego area so if anyone down here wants to ever get together that would be awesome! I would love to be allowed access to the next level so I can keep learning. Thanks!


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Im snuggling and from da heart of it all Ohio. I am Manu and enjoying to squeeza a dolla outta a dime. Thank you Matt for having me.


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Hi, I'm from NJ/NYC area and do MS mainly to meet minimum spend requirements for credit cards. Have been doing this for a few years now and like the game. Looking forward to seeing what the second level is.


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Hey. I'm Joe. I'm from PA and have been in the CC and MS game for a little over a year. Started off by reading a bunch of the boarding area blogs but really only thought I found the good info when I came across blogs like Saverocity, Travelisfree, Freequentmiler... Just a different level of people writing those blogs. I hope this community expands upon this type of information sharing.


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Hi all, have been following the blog since early 2013. I have learned a lot since then and have been fortunate enough to gain hundreds of thousands of miles to use for travel in just a year and a half. That being said the pond for this small fish is very large and I'm looking to explore the depths.

-Darwin, Northern NJ

Tim R

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Hey Matt and everyone else, my name is Tim and I live in Durham, NC. I love manufactured spending, math & computer science, optimization problems, credit card tricks, deals/rebates, stocks/investments, financial arbitrage, even bitcoin. I sincerely enjoy MS as a sport and a hobby, but I am also interested in getting the most (cash/miles/fun) for my time. After CVS's great Vanilla Reload sunset of 2014 and other recent shutdowns, I feel pretty strongly that the best tricks and deals need to be shared discreetly via forums or email newsletters or Twitter DMs....and not via blog posts that can be found by Google. Blog skepticism side, I have really enjoyed reading Saverocity over the last few months, the content has been extremely useful and entertaining too....whether it's practical info about a specific card or trick, or the more thought-provoking essays about general MS principles (MS design patterns?), risk/reward, etc. I wish I could have attended the recent Charlotte DO but I just became a father last month and even a short drive/flight was not in the cards. I hope to share my experiences here (as I have occasionally done as a commenter/emailer to blogs) and learn some high quality info from others operating on that metaphorical "next level"....


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Hi everyone. My name is Jay but I sometimes go by DiscGolfFlyer, or some variation thereof, because I love disc golf and I really love to travel. I enjoy learning about this MS game almost as much as I enjoy the traveling. I am a Systems Engineer in Huntsville Alabama which is a great Southern town with the awesome distinction of having the highest number of Engineers per capita in the US. I look forward to learning more about this amazing hobby and would love to be included in the next levels of MS experiences.


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Hey everybody I'm Stephen. I got into the game about a year and a half ago when I needed united points for a flight to Zambia for a mission trip. By the time I got back I had a 5x card waiting for me and I started rolling.

This last weekend I was able to fly my parents and brother to Vegas for a family vacation all on points. It was great to give back to them in a way that wouldn't be possible for me without MS. That's one of the reasons I love doing this.

Btw I'm out of DFW.


Hi! I kept my handle from flyertalk; at TBB I use Adam M since seemingly half the commentors have the same first name. I am a PhD candidate, currently in Athens GA. If you're a high school mathematics teacher, I'd like to interview you for my dissertation! I'm hoping for a higher signal discussion board.


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Hello everyone, I'm Daniel from San Antonio. I like the look and feel to the forum and can't wait to start being an active member of the community.


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Hi all, I'm Mike and hail from San Diego. When I'm not catching up on the latest on points, travel and finance I work as an Environmental Health Inspector. Other hobbies include eating, scuba diving, personal finance and enjoying the finer things in life on the cheap. I am looking forward to soaking up new knowledge especially on the topic of MS as this seems to be the future and contributing where I can help out.


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Hi, everyone. I'm Katie from...well I guess it's Florida now. Up until last week it was NYC/NJ but got sick of the cost of living up there. I originally took up mile-collecting a little over a year ago to make a few free visits to an expensive domestic destination where my sisters live, but then I discovered First Class on an award flight to Russia, and there's just no turning back. And I got such a kick out of watching those balances grow that I took up reselling as a way of earning points. I'm hoping to learn more about MS, especially the "level 2" stuff that isn't published to death (quite literally) elsewhere.


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Hey I'm ayman from NYC! Recently got much more involved in reselling as a method of MS. (Is that really MS or just a business?) Otherwise started learning and getting more involved in cc's and points about a year ago. Hoping to score a First class Intl experience soon!! Would love to learn some cool stuff that I haven't heard yet about MS.


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Hi, I'm Chris in ATL for another year or two (not sure yet), looking forward to this forum.


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I am from the Atlanta area and have been playing this game for about three years. I still consider myself a rookie and I am learning more everyday. Great idea Matt! Thank you for setting this up.


Hello all! I'm Trevor -- twitter handle is @tmount, and I write I live in Maryland, but tend to travel as much as possible -- in Thailand at the moment. I'm a perpetual student of the game, trying new things out when possible.


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Hi everybody: I'm Chris from south Florida. I started reading different blogs last year and still consider myself very new to the game. I stumbled onto Saverocity when the March MileMadness event was in the planning stages. He was mentioned on somebody else's blog and now I check out Matt's posts every day.


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Hello! My name is Jessica and I live in the DFW area. I got into the game nearly 2.5 years ago now and it is so addictive. I hate when my real job gets in the way of MSing! Looking forward to the new forum!


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Hi everyone. My name is Jeff from San Francisco. I started looking into how to use miles and was able to get 2 first class award tickets to Mykonos in August of this year. That's when I learned how powerful miles were and since then I have been addicted ever since. I completed my first round of applications in Feb. and have been reading everyday and learning. Thanks Matt for setting up this group. I have been doing this alone (my partner has no interest at all), so it will nice to part of this community. Cheers.


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Hello everyone I am benjamin from New Jersey.I am looking foward to this opportunity to share the knowledge I learned from playing this game for the last 4 years in a smaller forum, and learning from the other members what I dont know.


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My name is Nadia. I live close to Boston. I started MS a year ago - sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. I use my miles for trips to Russia as I have old parents there. Thanks Matt for the blog - it is fun!


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Hi everybody, this is Nick from Personal Finance Digest, one of the many fine blogs here at Saverocity. I have four young kids, I live in Charlotte, NC, and I really like credit cards.

Also, Matt has seen fit to give me moderator powers. I've never moderated a forum before, so I don't really know what that entails. Apologies in advance to all if I accidentally delete the forum or something.


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Hi I have been following the blogs for quite some time but have not participated in many comments or forums. I really like the idea of being able to discuss privately where confidential information can safely be exchanged. For me, I have been MS'ing for years but have recently ramped up to a higher level. I hope to be able to access the Level 2 chat. Looking forward to meeting some other MS'ers. Spencer


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Hi everyone. Steve here from Beijing. Have been playing the game since 2011. Next time you need some more EQM, do an MR to PEK and I'll show you around.


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Hey everyone -- I'm Nick from Washington DC. Thanks, Matt, for setting up this forum, and I'd love to learn about the second level. Have been playing the miles/points/CC game for about 5 years now.

Rocio Caballero

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Howdy! I'm Rocio, from Houston, TX. I started this game in December 2013 and just took my first trip to Thailand completely on miles and points. I'm hooked!! Thank you for setting this up! Looking forward to learning and sharing!


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Hey everyone my name is Kekoa. I'm currently residing out in SLC. Don't meet too many people that MS in the mountains out here. My love for travel started many years ago after I attended High School in Singapore. I've only just recently (3 years) gotten into this hobby and enjoy learning more and more as I continue on.


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Hi everyone! Hi Matt! Thanks so much for setting this up! This looks like it has great potential! I am looking forward to having a smaller community discuss things such as MS. While FT is great, it can get overwhelming sometimes. I am goofypluto and I am from NYC. I've been MS'ing for a few months, but I am no where near being an expert. I am interested in learning more about the second level and learning from the experts here! Thanks again!


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My name is Hutch and I'm from New England, I crisscross our small states looking for tax optimizations. Been MS'ing a couple years. I met Matt and the gang down in Charlotte and looking forward to the next DO