Introduce yourself here!


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Eric here. Recent college grad living in IND trying to make the most of this crazy hobby we've all stumbled upon. After booking a trip to Nairobi, Cape Town, and Brussels for $131, I'm hooked for life!

Getting deeper into the MS game and unfortunately couldn't get away for the Charlotte DO, but would love to get in on the "level 2" action ahead of the west coast one I most certainly will be attending.


Stephen McCrea

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My name is Stephen--I am an artist and educator. I have always seen myself as a traveller--and now that involves finding crafty ways to share that with my wife and almost 4 year old daughter. I'm excited to be filling out the paperwork to get my daughter her first passport right now...


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Hello everyone, my name is Tyler and my home airport is MSN (really MKE or ORD if I want any availability). Got into this game about a year and a half ago and have been scaling up slowly but surely ever since. I have three small children, so my planning, earning and redeeming plans are probably a bit out of the norm. We've done Alaska, San Francisco, Disney World, and aruba since discovering points (before all of this I'd mostly driven--all 50 states). This summer we're headed to Europe for three weeks and next spring break it'll be Japan.

As soon as I saw the post come across my RSS feed I thought--I'm in. Would have loved to have made it to CLT, but a family wedding prevented that. I hope to contribute to the forum where I can and form some connections and exchange some information to insure that I don't get myself shutdown :)

Feel free to ask me about:
ANA redemptions through Membership Rewards
Bluebird Basics
US Airways
The very basics of KVStool


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Hi, Micki from MSP. (Two of us, YAY). I'm fairly new to MS; got my miles from really exciting business miles to places like Bangor and Cincinnatti for several years, and was too busy with four teenagers to learn more for a while. Now ready to up the MS so we can visit those four adults in style.


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Hullo Matt,

stalker from DEN. Been collecting miles & points for the past 2.5 years now (started in the game with *cringe* FTG/MMS *cringe*).
Been MSing with my trusty Ink Bold for close to 2 years now.


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Hey Everyone, Born and raised in Southern California. Hobbies include poker, investing, travel, MS and points collection, and Bible study. (I know it's an eclectic mix). My current MS emphasis has shifted more to cash back scenarios via 5x cards. Currently planning a massive 3 week trip to Europe. I'm interested seeing how this forum develops.


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So a heads up in case anyone else was not getting the confirmation email, go into your profile and "change" your contact info (I put in the same email), enter password, and it will trigger a confirmation email.

Took me awhile to figure that one out.

So here I am.
Currently in Austin TX, have lived all over Southern California, Halifax Nova Scotia, and grew up in Western New York.


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Hello, I'm based in DEN, looking to get more informed. Hope there will be some regional exchanges and hope "US Mountain West" might be one instead of grouping us into the West Coast or the Midwest. Big fan of Matt, Saverocity, and the whole Saverocity Family :)

Voyaging Doc

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hello all. Also a fan of saverocity. international traveler since early childhood. lover of loyalty programs, business, traveling, credit cards, and manufactured spending. Loved the milemadness DO. currently a hoarder, physician, and a business-owner. looking forward to meeting up with you guys and sharing/learning new tips and tricks.

Josh F

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Hi! I'm Josh, I live in Rochester, NY and have been at the points/travel game for about 2 years now. However, I've always had an interest in finances, so find all your posts very interesting.


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Hey, everyone, I'm AU1. I live in NJ. I've been doing MS for only a short time, but I'm looking to learn more and contribute what I can.


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Hi, I'm Jen. I live in the Cincinnati area and am relatively new to the miles/points game. I'm looking forward to learning more and hope to be able to contribute something meaningful to the discussions! :)


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I'm just so excited about all the positiveness bursting forth in this thread. Here's wishing everyone a great time and much success!

Mountain Trader

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My name is Sam and I live in Colorado. I also spend a lot of time in Europe, though I haven't found any MS opportunities here.

I opened most of my FF accounts in the early 1980s, and I have been working the game ever since.

Tom Capone

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Hi, I'm Tom from Long Island, NY. Charlotte was my first DO, but I've been in the game since 1995! I actually met someone I work with in Charlotte (didn't know him previously) and we now share tips and tricks with our local WM. Anyone else from LI drop me a line at


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Hi, I'm from the SF bay area. I have been in the game for about a year and half. I have been able to network with a few great people in my area and am always looking to network with more. I would love access to the next level on the MS forum, so Matt, beam me up!


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Hi there. I've been in the game for some time now. It is refreshing to see a blog eschew the circles and arrows approach while still posting quality content. I think you guys do it the "right" way. Looking forward to good discussions that will be had.


Tequila, Miles and Suites
Hi there:

I thought it might be easiest to keep my handle from flyerttalk, so I am Deltahater. Don't really hate Delta anymore, actually I love that they are so easy to dump. I am SAT based and make tequila. I am okay at MS techniques and generate a modest 50-60K a month, but that is mainly due to my limitation to remembering everything, so things slip. I hope to learn much more on this topic.

We (family of 4) travel as much as we can and also take advantage of mistake fares like the RGN or CMB


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This is Doug from NYC. I do about 15k in MS but that has taken a big hit due to the CVS/VR situation. I'm looking to learn more from all of you!


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Hi Everyone...been doing this for a while now. For last few months I have been focusing mainly on MS. Attended the #CLTDO couple weeks ago. It was great. Looking forward to interacting with you guys on the MS forums.


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Darrin, living in MEM.

I do a fair amount of travel for work, and have been more focused over the past year in 'augmenting' those earned points with points 'worked for' from MS.

Definitely a beginner compared to a lot of folks here, though that said, most of my friends coworkers struggling to hit the minimum spend on the AA Exec card would be a little shocked.

I've been enjoying the frank & humble tone of the blog, and hope folks here can continue the high-level tone of discussion.


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Hi everyone,

My name Tommy. I live in California. I really enjoy this blog, and I read this blog every morning :). Like your blog Matt ;). My goal is doing MS to save a down payment for a house :)


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Hey Everyone...been playing the CC game for a little while but am a comparative lightweight when it comes to MS. Not looking to scale up like crazy or anything but am interested in the methodology :)

Edit: Oops forgot to mention I'm in the SoCal area.
Hi everyone. I'm Chandu , living in Los Angeles with plenty of CVS and Walmarts :).
Started MS this year and I like this goal of international travel at an affordable price. Big thanks to Matt enabling this collaboration !


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Hey, I'm Steve. Located in jersey.

Been doing the MS game for a few years now.
Hope to learn, and contribute here.


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Hi Folks,

What a great start! Thanks to everyone for saying hi and breaking the ice. I'm going to get to the Level 2 requests asap, if I haven't granted access to you in the next hour please PM me and I will.


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I'm from Houston and would love to find new ways to MS to enable my family of 4 be able to travel. Matt, can you send me more info about the second level.

Thnx for putting this together!


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Hi Matt. Been following the blog for a while now. Really excited to have a new place to share wisdom. Love that it's the same format as travelcodex. Thanks for organizing this. Love it.


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Welcome guys and gals! The second level is basically everything that I want not to be indexed or dropped in on, so for now that is the MS forum, if I haven't switched on your access to it send me a note. Some people I know from the community so it was instant. The layering concept is to allow a variety of levels of knowledge sharing happening at the same time.
Hi Matt, just wondering how you plan to keep someone like Mr arrows and boxes out from stealing all our secrets!?! Would be thrilled to see what is inside the 2nd level...

Anyways, my name is Scott and I'm from VA. Been doing MS for about a year now and feel like I've learned a lot since. Hoping this will be a good forum to learn more and help teach others.
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