Another seemingly targeted offer that I’ll pass along.  Citi is offering 3X earning using the Citi AAdvantage Executive card for department stores, restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores.  The bonus offer is good through June 30, but as always, there’s a catch – a maximum of 2500 bonus miles.

Citi AAdvantage Exec 3X

The Offer

The terms treat this as 1X base earning plus 2X bonus, so presumably this means you’ll earn 2500 additional miles on $1250 in base spending in the above categories.  Citi seems to be pushing an incentive to get folks to put everyday spend on their cards, rather than filing it away in the sock drawer or wallet for when Admiral’s Club access is needed – or, you know, churning.

Citi AA Exec Offer Landing Page

The Email Body

If you didn’t receive the offer, give the direct link a shot.  It seems to point to a generic offers page, so I’m curious to see if this is targeted at all or open to all.

Citi AA Exec Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

One potential opportunity, which I won’t have the ability to test since my Citi applications are too recent, is whether this offer is open to churning.  Many folks are out there already getting multiple Citi AAdvantage Executive cards to churn the sign up bonus.  If the offer is open to all for a decent enough window of time, it might mean an additional 2500 miles on top of the sign-up bonus if you use the bonus categories in the promo to hit the minimum spend target.  It’s not a lot, but with the purported churn volume I’ve heard of some doing, it will add up like anything else.

I received this offer, but I actually just closed my Executive card.  I wouldn’t alter my plans to earn 2500 miles, but given the categories this might happen without really trying for some.

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