Are we there yet?

Is everyone excited about the new JetBlue credit card products offered by Barclaycard, fine purveyors of the Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®?  It sure seems that way when all of your favorite blogs are suddenly writing about the card.  This is a friendly reminder that the activity this week is primarily a sales pitch, not analysis or advice. I’m not privy to commission schedules, but I’d have to assume a new product is going to have a marketing infusion to get people to write about it, in the form of higher payouts for conversion.  The new cards may even be right for you, but think critically about the benefits versus the costs, and don’t take your advice solely from the folks being paid to sell it to you.  Look at the [...]

Disney World has really stepped up its dining game since I first visited as a kid almost thirty years ago. My most recent visit had some definite winners, which I’ll share along with some general thoughts on when to reserve, when to eat, when to sit down and when to temper your expectations while your kids have an awesome time. These days there are entire blogs devoted to reviewing and recommending Disney World food and beverage, and I can’t provide that level of detail.  What you might find helpful, though, is that I don’t live and breathe Disney.  At the prices printed on Disney menus, my expectations are on par with quality restaurants not located on theme park grounds.  Sometimes the kool-aid is, in fact, overpriced, but on the whole [...]

Boston Skyline Staycation

Good morning.  I’m writing this post as I’m sitting at home with a sick toddler.  Well, sick might be the wrong word – she’s getting over something from the weekend, woke up a bit grumpy still, and we decided to keep her home.  If you’re a parent, chances are, you’ve been in the same situation before.  The end result is burning a day of time off from work, and for may of us, that comes out of the same pool of days that we can allocate to fun things.  I certainly consider myself fortunate to have paid time off, especially the amount that I get, but it’s always a bit of a bummer for everyone when it’s one day less that we can spend on vacation. I’ve been giving it [...]