Are We There Yet? was founded by a dad who inadvertently instilled the travel bug in the rest of his family. Prior to joining the ranks of parenthood, our careers took us to places far from family and friends. The travel began to add up as we settled in Maine and took frequent trips to visit those that we missed. Two years ago we had a daughter, who got her first upgrade at six months of age. Eventually, we started to think, these transcontinental flights to San Diego can’t be that much different than a flight to Europe…

I hope that our stories, trip reports, tips and random nonsense can help other families realize that getting back out of the house with their little ones is completely possible.

While we as a family are lucky to have two solid careers, children require a great deal on the personal finance side in addition to our time, attention, love and support. As a result, we’ve been able to adapt our miles and points strategy to best suit a young family, and I hope to share that with my readers as well.

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