Westin Playa Conchal, Costa Rica: Dining

Westin Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

Mitra International Buffet

Our first experience of the food of the Westin Playa Conchal was the buffett, which had a great assortment.


My favorite part was the chips station, but I was more in a munching mood. They had a variety of sauces/dips, including Thousand Island, Salsa, and refried beans.


There was also a variety of “real” food, like steak, chicken, and quesadillas.

img_4530 img_4540

Faisanela Italian Restaurant

Our first dinner was at the Italian Restaurant attached to the Royal Beach Club. It was wonderful.


We started with some bread and olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Then moved on to our entrees (we could’ve had appetizers, but we weren’t terribly hungry). My wife had the lasagna.img_4607

I had the steak. It looks small, but it was more than filling.


Dessert was the true benefit though. I had a glass of Disarono Amaretto (my preferred aperitif), and the dessert was a cheesecake lite.


Bamboo – Asian Fusion Restaurant

Our second meal was at the Asian Fusion restaurant. We started off with some sort of wonton appetizer.


My wife chose a suishi appetizer, that proved to be far more than she was able to eat.


I on the other hand had chosen gyoza – they were good, I think I finished them all.


For the entree, my wife had the pad thai, it was better than the suishi. I ended up having the pad thai too. It was on par with the gyoza.


Dessert was fried ice cream. We both enjoyed that.



Our third night was a Mediterranean restaurant.  The first was some sort of meatball dish.


Here was the naan bread:


I had a the beef kabobs:


My wife had the lamb, which was good as well.


We each had dessert, my wife had a chocolate cake and ice cream.


I had the creme brulee, which I enjoyed.


Wrapping Up

Overall, I don’t think the food was the Westin Playa Conchal’s number one draw. It was good, but I think the other aspects and amenities were really what shone through. The food was par or slightly above par, in my opinion.


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  3. I have a question about the dining, I hope this is a good place to ask. Do the men have to wear long pants in the restaurants or can they wear nice shorts? We like to be more casual.

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