Westin Playa Conchal, Costa Rica: Resort Amenities

Westin Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

Resort Amenities

The Westin Playa Conchal had a lot to like, what with being all inclusive, but there were some key points of the hotel that we were very excited for.

Royal Beach Club Pool

The first resort amenity that we were excited for was the Royal Beach Club, as I mentioned before, this is an adult’s only resort within the resort. The Royal Beach Club Pool had upgraded lounge towel covers, nice service, and a swim up pool bar. Additionally, you could have serenity if you were further away from the pool bar, or if you wanted to listen to some music, they had the radio playing.

img_4627 img_4578

The end of the pool further from the bar had a “beach-like” graduated entry into the pool, as well as some cabanas in the back that went for an additional fee. We didn’t see anyone using them during our stay.

img_4577 img_4576

There was also a hot tub – despite the 80-90 degree temperatures outside, we did see some folks enjoying that… it looked nice, though I don’t recall doing more than dipping my feet in.

img_4572 img_4571

Westin Playa Conchal Main Pool

In addition to the amenities at the Royal Beach Club, there was a main pool, which was noticeably bigger. While we were there, they were renovating the swim-up pool bar, so they had a makeshift one, that I thought was pretty well done, given the conditions.

Westin Playa Conchal Main Pool makeshift bar

The Wildlife

The thing I enjoyed the most about the hotel in general, was the fact that the property was pretty big. It was easily a 5-10 minute casual walk to the beach. In the course of walking around the resort, you got to see a ton of wild life.

The photo below, for example, was right before that four legged critter tried to brazenly take the blue bag that you can see on the chaise lounge on the right of the photo. This guy was quite brazen, as we saw him throughout the trip, always lurking around the main pool.


Then there were the super cute green iguanas. Just chillaxing in the sun, or sometimes in the shade.


There were also monkeys – we counted at least a dozen one evening. They were most active in the evening, as we would see them up in the trees outside of the Royal Beach Club, as we went to dinner each evening. They never bothered us, and I don’t think we ever bothered them. Some of the nicer monkeys we’ve interacted with, which is perhaps a stark contrast with some of the monkeys in Indonesia.

img_4595 img_4633

And then there were the cats. This particular one was kind enough to pose for us.


Other Amenities

The other thing that I was very excited for, was the fact that the hotel had complimentary kayaks and paddle boards. Of course in my excitement, I forgot to take a photo of them. I’m kind of glad I forgot my phone that morning, as everything got soaked on our half hour kayak ride! The kayaks are the fairly standard “ocean kayak” variety, where you sit on top, rather than inside. They were all tandem, clearly oriented toward couples.

Wrapping Up

The amenities that the Westin Play Conchal offered where, for me, the right level. I enjoy lounging around the pool as much as the next person. But I really, really like to walk. That’s the thing I find myself doing more on vacation than at home. For us it is relaxing to walk and talk. That said, I think there’s really something for everyone.

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