Thoughts from Reselling DO 3

This past week, we hosted the third ResellingDO. I’ve intentionally not posted very much about the events in the past, partially, because I want to cultivate people sharing openly. That’s also why we’ve kept it small.


Quality Bagels to start the day off

ResellingDO 3

On Sunday 11 September 2016, we hosted roughly 75 people at the Jailbreak Brewery, in Laurel, MD. This was the same site of the first ResellingDO. This time, we rented out the taproom for the entire day. It really was a great event.
We covered such topics as:

  • Recent brand restrictions (link)
  • Using gift cards to supercharge your margins
  • Reconciling Inventory
  • Utilizing data to increase your margins
  • Storage Fees (which will soon go up-link),
  • Buyers, and more Accounting for resellers


As you read through these topics, you are probably thinking, as I did, that we were really moving at an intermediate to advanced level. The truth is, that was the goal, but I didn’t want to advertise it as such. All too often, you see a conference or meet-up that is marketed as “Advanced” only to find out that the content really isn’t.

The challenge I see going forward though, is how we can make reselling accessible to new folks, and help to get them up to speed, as we continue to push the level of expertise for many of the presentations, to that next level of advanced. This is particularly important, because over the past 3 events–which have grown by about a third each time–I’ve been truly impressed with the number of repeat attendees.


Looking ahead to ResellingDO 4

During ResellingDO 3, I announced a “Save the Date” for ResellingDO4. A lot of folks pulled me aside and asked me to consider a slight date change of a week or two. I originally announced a date that, due to spring breaks across the country didn’t work. I should’ve learned my lesson after this past year.

We’re setting the date: 4 March 2017

I’ve also started to refine my thinking on the kind of topics I am gearing up for. Things like creating listings, discussions of Private Label, Wholesale, the next level down for sourcing. The challenge, is that as we push for more and more advanced topics, people naturally become cagey. I totally understand the hesitancy to share the secrets to one’s business. So finding a balance is something I’ll be very focused on over the next couple of months.

Wrapping Up

Really the point of this post, was to highlight some of the topics that get discussion at ResellingDO events. Also, to highlight the fact that we’re already planning for the next ResellingDO, and I hope you will attend.

16 thoughts on “Thoughts from Reselling DO 3

  1. Appreciated the information at the DO, Trevor.

    One thing you may want to add is the proper pronunciation of DO: I heard people insisting that it’s D-O, being unaware (d/t not being associated with Saverocity) just what a DO is. 🙂

    Pieces of information that would be huge, when people ARE going to more wide spread products, are how to create a listing from scratch and alternate sites for selling and their advantages/disadvantages. eBay, of course, has plenty of both!

    Thanks again for another great DO!

    • @Micki – great feedback! Thankfully, some of those were already on my radar.

      As far as alternative sites, Sears and Newegg do fulfillment as well, but, they just don’t have the market recognition that Amazon has. That’s the biggest challenge.

  2. Really gr8 time Trevor at DO. For me it was more about meeting with others & networking. I have no distant friend/family in reselling or miles game. So it was fun to meet others with the same passion. Looking fwd for the next one. Cheers!!

  3. Trevor,

    I attended the 1st DO @ Jailbreak a few months back, but did not know about this one. I live in the area, how do I keep up to date with the upcoming events? Thanks

    • Hi David, I’m sorry you missed the DO. I post the DO’s on the blog, and pin a tweet to my twitter (@tmount) as well. Hope to see you at the 4th DO!

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