Thank you for 2 Years of Tagging Miles!

Two years ago today, Joe and I started Tagging Miles. It has been an awesome two years! So, I want to take this as an opportunity to say Thank You for 2 years of Tagging Miles to all of our wonderful readers, as well as the awesome Saverocity Team!! I’ve really enjoyed writing over the past two years, and hope you all have enjoyed reading.

I don’t normally share stats, in fact, I seldom even look at stats now a days, but I thought it was pretty cool to see that in the past 2 years, we’ve had 243,823 views. Seems pretty awesome to me, though I realize that’s probably small potatoes to many.

Looking back at the past year, here were the most popular posts:

I haven’t done any analysis to see how many posts I write about reselling vs. other posts, but, I think it is fair to say that my writing really has moved toward the reselling niche. What you all think of that move? I still like to write about #avgeek stuff, travel, and of course, miles and points are intrinsically connected to reselling, at least for me, so I will keep spicing things up.

In honor of year 2, I do have a bit of a give away.


2 United Club Pass Giveaway

11 thoughts on “Thank you for 2 Years of Tagging Miles!

  1. I think you provide a reselling angle that others do not Trevor and I appreciate the movement away from traditional MS stuff

    • @Wesley – Thanks! I’m definitely trying! I suppose it helps, that I have found my own habits to be moving away from traditional MS too. So have you been leveraging Reselling primarily for MS or for more (like profit?)

  2. Congrats Trevor and Joe!
    I enjoy reading the miles and points stuff. As well as the reselling.
    It’s nice to read your take on hotels you’ve stayed at. Its always nice to read a first hand account if it happens to be a hotel that I’m considering staying at.

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