Saturday Special: Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai, China

The Bund at night (view from the room).

The Bund at night (view from the room).

Reason for Choosing

We chose the Hyatt on the Bund primarily for two reasons: Location (being on the “world famous” Bund), and Cost. It turned out that the hotel treated us quite well, and the lounge had an excellent view (smog permitting) of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.



Lobby and Check-in/Check-out Experience

The lobby was spacious – like, really high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass, kind’ve what you’d expect in China. Our Check-in experience was in the lobby, while we were able to check-out in the lounge (a much more intimate setting).

Where the hotel stood out

Full disclosure – we used a suite upgrade, so we had a gorgeous wrap-around suite. The view would be spectacular in most cities, it was still quite good in Shanghai, however since we were there in winter, the smog/pollution shrouded the view somewhat. The room felt spacious, with a sitting room, bedroom, and a spacious bathroom. We ended up spending a good amount of time in the room, given the weather was rainy and cold, so having the extra space was wonderful.




Suite Bathroom

The “Bund Club” otherwise known as the lounge was quite enjoyable. The views were great (smog permitting), I think I must’ve seen the Oriental Pearl TV Tower  like a dozen times in our three nights there… Except everytime I saw the top, I’d tell her, and she’d turn a moment later, and it was gone. It was kind’ve a fun game. Oh, and we also met a dude (and his entourage) who frequented the hotel, who, on our last night, was kind enough to break out his private stash of Hendrick’s gin (which goes especially well with tonic and a piece of cucumber, as we learned from another friend). Perhaps my favorite thing about hotel lounges, is the people you meet.


Bund Club Food

Bund Club Food


Oh, and for some reason that I can’t fathom, they had Hello Kitty donuts. I guess that makes the hotel a winner in its own right.



Hello Kitty breakfast doughnut

Where the hotel fell a little short

I can’t particularly identify where the hotel fell short. I mean, the hotel wasn’t out of this world, but, it certainly met our expectations. If anything, the hotel’s access to public transportation was lacking, but we knew that going in.

Wrapping Up

We felt that the location of the hotel was more than sufficient to walk the Bund.  The lounge was great, with very nice views. We especially enjoyed the suite. Overall, the Hyatt on the Bund is a nice option in Shanghai.

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