You never know, if you don’t ask

A few of weeks ago, I flew out to Taipei for the weekend. Flying home, my wife and I were on Cathay Pacific, however my wife was in First Class, and I was in Business Class. First world problems, for sure. I had been looking for space via the British Airways Award search tool to no avail. But it occurred to me while my wife and I were walking the streets of Taipei the day before our flight: You never know, if you don’t ask.

So, completely on a whim, I reached out to American Airlines’ Twitter team via DM and asked them if they saw an F saver award seat for the next day.

You never know, if you don't ask

Surprisingly enough, Cathay Pacific had released the last seat in the cabin for award availability! In the course of 3 or 4 more messages, the American Airlines Twitter team was able to upgrade me into Cathay Pacific First Class. I was even a little concerned there might be some mix-up, but they were abundantly confident:

You never know, if you don't ask

The Stellar American Air Twitter Team.

All it required was that I provide the expiration date and security code on my credit card.

Ultimately, getting this seat, was as easy as asking the question whether an award seat had become available.

You never know if you don't ask

Cathay Pacific First Class

All because I asked the question.

Now, this might not always happen, but you never know, if you don’t ask. You’ll never be told no, but you will also never be told yes. As I wrote near the beginning of this blog, I am a huge proponent of grabbing the brass ring, and this is a perfect example of doing that.

6 thoughts on “You never know, if you don’t ask

  1. I have LHR-HKG->SYD booked in Business Class. I can see F on LHR->HKG but not on HKG->SYD. Is it possible to just upgrade one segment using AAdvantage points?

  2. I am a big believer in the just ask. A hotel room with a slow draining tub? Just asked, and because they were booked solid, the room was free. Two out of commission restrooms on an intercontinental flight? Two $300 vouchers off ridiculously cheap MSP-VCE coach tix.

    I’m in first, and Husband in coach on a red-eye from LAX? After seeing that only one of the first class seats offered for $75 at the gate were taken, he slept next to me in first.

    Countless other hotel upgrades, free meals, etc, just for asking. Even a no just means that you are where you were before asking, yes?

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