Monday Roundup: Business Wisdom, AMEX Offer, Great American Eclipse

A short Monday Roundup of posts that are worth looking at:
6 Things that are important to know if you are starting a business.
Were you targeted for an amazing American Express Business Platinum offer for existing cardholders? I wasn’t (and I even called to see if I could be included). If you were, share in the comments!
Would you pay $74,000 per hour for this 787? Its pretty impressive, but, that is a whole lot of cashback points!
Southwest Airlines is highlighting which of its flights on 21 August will be best for viewing the Great American Eclipse. Southwest will also be offering some great hospitality including “cosmic cocktails”!
Similar to the Australian who checked a beer, someone checked deodorant; unfortunately the story doesn’t end nearly as well. 

2 thoughts on “Monday Roundup: Business Wisdom, AMEX Offer, Great American Eclipse

  1. The Australian should have sold that checked beer on ebay. It has a reputation now, so it might have gotten a good price.

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