Looking back at 2014, and looking forward to 2015

Looking back on 2014, it was a pretty busy year for me. For starters, Joe and I started this blog – and we both truly appreciate the great connections we’ve made with all of you!

From a travel perspective, I had the chance to travel quite a bit, visiting some new (to me) countries, as well as revisiting others.

Travel for 2014

Travel for 2014

As far as the color coding – the Blue is award travel, the red is revenue travel, and the grey (pretty much BWI to Florida) is Southwest. PPT was used to center the map, and is my mid-year target for 2015 (Bora Bora!).

As far as total miles, I ended up just shy of 150,000 flown miles, including 2 round the world trips. That’s a pretty busy year for me, given I don’t really travel for work.

As far as status, both my wife and I requalified for my Executive Platinum (EXP) status with American Airlines, and we were able to get my wife the Southwest Companion Pass through reselling.

For hotel stays, I spent 42 nights with Marriott, and 33 nights and 25 stays with Hyatt. Unfortunately this means that I’ll likely lose my Marriott Platinum status, but will keep my Hyatt Diamond status.

While we don’t do a ton of rentals, we maintained our National Executive Aisle status.

Looking forward to 2015

I’ve already got my first flight booked in pursuit of requalifying for AA EXP via Elite Qualifying Points.

I’m planning on maintaining my Hyatt Diamond status next year, although the path is not necessarily crystal clear right now, as the travel that I’ve already got planned doesn’t include a whole lot of Hyatt properties. A lot of things can change. I haven’t decided on Marriott just yet.

How did you end the year? What are your plans for 2015?

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