Lavatory Ettiquette, Cheaper Disney Hotels, Amazing Vietnam experiences

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  • From Becky – This spa just went on my list, when I finally get to Vietnam. But not just that, this was really well written – something I think we don’t necessarily think of now a days when we read trip reports or most blog posts.
  • Do you lock your deadbolt when in a hotel room? If you don’t, you should! 
  • A great way to make that Disney vacation more affordable and stay on property (which makes the experience a whole lot better, even without kids!)
  • The curious query of airplane lavatory toilet seat etiquette. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become a bit more of a germaphobe myself, so I tend to agree with Gary’s assertion. 


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2 thoughts on “Lavatory Ettiquette, Cheaper Disney Hotels, Amazing Vietnam experiences

    • @Becky – Thanks for your comment! Believe me, Vedana Resort is totally on my list, I just have to get to Vietnam!

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