Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Jamaica: Property and Restaurants

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall, Montego Bay Jamaica 

Part One: Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Jamaica Arrival Experience
Part Two: Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Jamaica Butler Suite
Part Three: Property and Restaurants

I wanted to try to be consistent with my review structure as compared to Hyatt Zilara Cancun. I’ll say at the onset that I had fairly high expectations.

Lunch at Jamaican Rootz At Horizons:

Our flight in was fairly early, so we ended up grabbing a bight to eat at the Jamaican restaurant on the beach. It was a logical way to start the day.

The sea breeze was great, the view was nice, and I ordered chicken. 

My wife ordered a beef dish.

And of course there was pie. Everyone loves pie.

And cake, in this case, cheesecake, which was enjoyable.

During the evening, the restaurant was lit up quite nicely.

Dinner at Brazilian Steakhouse:

Our first night, we opted for the Brazilian Steakhouse. We figured we might need a relaxing day at the pool or frequent laps around the property the next day, so we wanted to ensure we visited there early in our stay. 

Overall, the meat was good, not great. The service was very good, and the buffett of greens and grains was as you would expect.

Dessert was nice as well.

Back at the room, we ordered Bread Pudding, every single night! Unfortunately quality  and quantity varied.

Also, a benefit (I think) of the Butler Suite was that we always had a bottle of bubbly on ice in the room.

Breakfast Room Service:

We ordered room service for breakfast every morning, and had varying results.

Every time it was very well displayed.

I typically enjoyed french toast and eggs, my wife enjoyed eggs with some ham.

Breakfast Buffet:

While we didn’t actually eat at the Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall’s buffet, we did check it out, and it looked pretty nice. 

More breakfast buffet

More breakfast buffet spread.

Warm options at the breakfast buffet.

Union Jacks:

Union Jacks, while touted as a British pub, definitely had a mix of things. I will say, it did not disappoint, even with its menagerie of culinary offerings. 

I chose a Heineken and a meat pie. The Heineken was ok–nothing compared to a true British ale!–but the meat pie was wonderful. So wonderful that I would give the dish high regards with regard to the entire Zilara-Ziva compound’s offerings.


While not a restaurant, Fez, a floor above Union Jacks, was a bar offering. It had Hookah options–though we did not partake–and a great view of the evening entertainment.

Fez also had a comfortable area to watch a movie in; I don’t recall the movie they were projecting in the photo below, but, as you can see, many were excited to see it.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the food at the Zilara Rose Hall was probably the biggest disappointment, but there were some high points. Union Jacks being one of them. I think the message to take away though is that there are plenty of options, and you are bound to find something that you enjoy. 


6 thoughts on “Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Jamaica: Property and Restaurants

  1. the jamaican restaurant was far and away the best option in my opinion. I ended up eating there a handful of times during my stay last year.

  2. Sorry, but this review leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve been twice and this touches on about 10% of what the resort has to offer. The breakfast buffet across the property is literally 5x bigger, also. I guess check yelp, FT, and TA for more info.

    • @MrRedskin – fair point, we were only there for 3 nights, and enjoyed room service, since we had the suite. I’ll definitely make it a point to check out the other breakfast buffet next time I’m there!

  3. My wife and I found the Italian restaurant to be superb. The jerk shack on the beach was also quite nice, and the Spanish/International restaurant in the main Zilara building near the check in area was also quite nice. I think I’ve stayed at a few dozen all inclusive resorts overall, and this had by far the best food. In fact, our only qualm was that it was a fair walk to the lunch restaurant on the Ziva side.

    • @Nathan – not many people would call me a beer snob, but, I suppose I’ll take that as a compliment! I do prefer Carlsberg, but unfortunately that’s more of an accepted “non-domestic beer” in Asia than the Islands.

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