The Christmas Markets of Mainz, Germany

This is part of our Thanksgiving Round the World trip, you can find my initial thoughts / intro here, Flying All Nippon Airways Square Class, Flying All Nippon Airways Business ClassThe Grand Hyatt Tokyo review, Touring the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, JapanDueling Alliance Lounges at Tokyo-Haneda Airport, Visiting the Great WallThe Grand Hyatt Beijing, and the Hyatt Regency Mainz.


I had “fought” with United to add an extended layover (23 hours) in Frankfurt on the way home (and learned some important lessons). I had been wanting to visit the Christmas Markets for at least a year, since I saw Wandering Aramean’s post on his visit, and thought this to be the best opportunity to make it happen this year. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Mainz, which we enjoyed as well. From our limited experience, it felt like a small European town, which was really refreshing after Tokyo and Beijing.

Strolling along the Rhine

One of the beauties of Mainz is that it is on the Rhine River. Even though it was fairly cold for our only day there, we enjoyed a relaxing walk along a park that parallels Rheinstraβe and the Rhine River. There were also a handful of sculptures in the park that added to the quaintness.

RTW Nov 2014 1827


RTW Nov 2014 1725

The Christmas Markets

The markets are in the center of town, around the old Cathedral of St. Martin.

RTW Nov 2014 1732

It looked small from our approach but it was actually pretty sizeable, just check the layout below.

RTW Nov 2014 1765



RTW Nov 2014 1753

Of course the best part was the glühwein (mulled wine)…

RTW Nov 2014 1743

….and the food

RTW Nov 2014 1786


Something that struck me though, was that as darkness took over, it became more and more clear – this wasn’t tourists coming, this felt more like locals meeting out in the (increasingly) cold evening to enjoy each others company and some glühwein. That’s perhaps my lasting memory of our short visit, and why I very much want to go back.

4 thoughts on “The Christmas Markets of Mainz, Germany

  1. I was in Mainz the summer before last – 100 degrees, probably a bit different for you. There was a Saturday farmer’s market, with wine tastings. I couldn’t spot any tourists at all. Everyone seemed to know each other. It was a charming town.

    • @Degania — thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience. I can only imagine how charming Mainz would be in the summer. Even better to know about Saturday farmer’s markets and wine tastings! Did you visit Mainz as part of a larger trip?

  2. I am a big fan of the German Christmas Markets. I have been to the one in Frankfurt several times and also the one in Hamburg. ( I had an international work assignment that took me to Germany often.) I love the sights sounds and smells. I would love to go back some time with my husband. Do not go to the Frankfurt market on Sunday afternoon, however. I have never seen such a crowd.

    • @VH – Agreed! I do think I may end up going back to Germany next year too… I found Friday night to be crowded enough in Mainz! I want to go to Frankfurt, I’ve heard it is much larger than Mainz.

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