Breaking News: Turkey to Cancel Winter

In an amazingly–I dare say–Nostradamus-like display of confidence, the Cabinet of Ministers announced: Turkey to cancel winter.

The news wasn’t particularly well communicated. Many frequent travelers received notices like this, received by Jonathan Khoo:

Turkey Cancels Winter

Normally, cancelling winter takes a lot of planning, because there are quite a bit of factors, for example, there’s that pesky shift to daylight saving.

Well, folks, don’t worry! There’s no need to worry about setting your clocks back, you see the Cabinet of Ministers–who must be well read on the affects of Daylight Saving Time–will embrace utilizing the same time, year round!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. it must take some serious sway with mother nature, for Turkey to cancel winter. The details are not yet clear, except one thing that is clear, is that frequent travelers everywhere, having grabbed every possible United MileagePlus award routing before 6 October’s “doomsday” likely means that many will receive e-mails.

Well, I guess we can all leave the jackets at home when we go to Turkey this year!

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