A Reseller’s Delight – Free Address Labels and Shipping Supplies!

Courtesy of Raining Hot Coupons, You can some regularly needed reselling tools, and shipping supplies from Office Depot (otherwise known as a wasteland of deals, at least from my experience), free after bonus rewards. Buy by 30 January!

You can get 2 per member of the following things:

  • Avery White Laser Address Labels 1″ x 2 5/8″, box 3,000 labels (100 sheets) – Cost $29.99
  • Scotch Heavy-Duty Shipping Tape, Pack of 6 Rolls – Cost $32.39
  • Bankers Box Store/File Basic Strength 10″x12″x15″ — maybe not a great use for shipping stuff out, but, maybe worthwhile – Cost $39.99

You should get 100% of each of those rewards back.

Don’t forget to go through a shopping portal!

Office Depot Deal

8 thoughts on “A Reseller’s Delight – Free Address Labels and Shipping Supplies!

  1. I saw that code as well but what I don’t understand is that it sais on the website on office depot, that if you combine another bonus reward offer I may not get these points.
    Also, does it mean that the 6% is the actual $20 gift card offer? I’m very confused cause I never used this website (both) and I don’t understand how and where I earn the Cashback as well as combining the offers. Please help and please someone explain. Thanks

  2. Unrelated question: when I print the FBA shipping label, there’s the UPS shipping label on the left and the Amazon label/barcode on the right. What do I do with the Amazon label? Do I need to stick it on the outside of the shipping box too?

    • @Geandh – for the 2-up label yes, you place both labels on the box. UPS and Amazon one. The labels I referenced in this post though are specific for product labels.

  3. This always worked in the past, but YMMV, if you don’t have an immediate need for items using the rewards dollars that expire rather quickly, buy items with them and return them. They can’t put them back as rewards and will give you a store gift card, which doesn’t expire.

  4. In the past I have only used the rewards for merchandise, but can you buy third party gift cards with the rewards at Office max?

  5. You can buy 30-up labels from Amazon for under $10 each, and that is a lot cheaper and more hassle free than dealing with OD return hassles.

    And free after rewards points isn’t free. You’re still out the $30, even if you then find something to buy with the $30 in points. Unless there’s some way to turn those $30 in rewards points into cash…

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