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Hacking Omaha Steaks Deals for Fun and Profit

Grilling season is finally here! I’m SO ready to throw some steaks and burgers on the grill. Omaha Steaks is my go-to not so much for steaks, but everyday burgers and hot dogs. With ground beef at $5+ a pound some Omaha Steaks deals are actually pretty competitively priced.  I don’t know what voodoo they do to their cows, but WOW are their burgers good!

We’re also fans of the coconut shrimp and fried fish- not things you think of when you think Omaha Steaks, but trust me on this one. 

BUT, they are also guilty of hyperbole. Every email Omaha Steaks sends contains THE BEST DEAL EVER. So how are you to know if you’re really doing well? No worries I’m here to help!

Here’s what you do

To get the absolute best deals I just search “free shipping”.  Get the cheapest item with free shipping (usually around $60 for the combo) and the rest of your order ships free, no matter what else is in it.

Once you do that, go to checkout and at the top of your screen you’ll get a bunch of pop-ups where you can add items that are the absolute lowest prices they offer. There’s a 3 for $34.99 deal that you can choose more than once and various steak add-ons that change with what they have in stock at the bottom of the checkout page. Then I go straight for the “overstocks” page and select whatever I didn’t see in the 3 for $34.99 from there.

They also have a free rewards program with a referral coupon of $20 off your first $50 purchase after enrolling. Note the coupon isn’t good on everything, but either way you’ll earn points on your purchase that add up quickly towards free stuff.  And if you get REALLY lucky, you’ll get a pop up after checkout offering you $5 lobster tails like I did.

I just put in an order and for $162 shipped got enough burgers, franks, and steaks to last us all summer. I also earned enough points for another dozen burgers free with my next order.

Use ebates for cash back or check out to see if any points portals work for you.

Are you an Omaha Steaks fan?  Which cuts are your faves?

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Hacking Omaha Steaks for Fun ahd Profit

29 thoughts on “Hacking Omaha Steaks Deals for Fun and Profit

  1. Amy

    I’ll add one more hack for you: with Discover cashback, $20 get you a $25 Omaha gift card; $40 get you a $50 gift card, so that’s another 20% off!

    1. Kandis

      Um… thats actually good for food safety and has no effect on the meat or the animals eating it. – a biologist

  2. losingtrader

    Here’s a hack: Use Rapid rewards to fly to Omaha and you can buy Omaha Steaks at the airport ….fully the restaurant.

    But, I’m warning you there’s a reason why Nebraska is called “flyover country.”
    If you must, you can visit the birthsite home of the only President who was never elected–Gerald Ford.
    Then call it a day and fly back.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I actually like the burgers and hot dogs- suggest you give them a try if you haven’t yet.

  3. Omaha Steaks

    This is a great tip list, Dia! Thanks so much for helping us educate customers on how they can get great deals at Omaha Steaks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Weโ€™re so glad to call you our customer. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

    โ€“ The Omaha Steaks Social Team

  4. Kathy

    Regarding the comment above, many irradiate ground beef now to protect from Ecoli. It’s like paterizing milk. They learned a lot in the early 90s when people were dying from Ecoli.

    1. Amy

      To get an additional 10% off or so, buy Omaha Steaks gift cards on Raise! Not quite as good as the discover deal, but not everyone has discover cashback to use :)!

  5. Lindy

    Their burgers and franks are SO freaking good! We the burgers sans bun, like a chopped steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Laura,
      It can, as long as you have free shipping. You can also sign up with more than one email per family as offers sometimes differ for different people.

  6. Terri Pringle

    I order from Omaha Steaks very frequently. Thanks for the tips but I have found that if I use eBates/Rakuten, the free shipping is null and void. This has been my experience.

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